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▷ 🥇 Wedding decoration in white

White is undoubtedly the star color of weddings. Few are those in which this color is not seen to appear at one time or another. But if you want to play with the total look, and you want to organize a wedding in white, here are some ideas for your decoration, from the most obvious to the most original.

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If you want a totally white wedding, you will have to pay attention to the details. The groom’s buttonhole, the bride’s car, his bouquet, his shoes, the flowers in his hair. All of this will have to be white!

As for your reception hall, the goal is for your guests to have an immediate impression of whiteness upon entering your room. Also, place the package on the white decoration:

  • Decorate your chairs with white slipcovers or hang white ribbons on the backs.
  • Choose white tablecloths. For your centerpieces, you can also opt for glass vases with bouquets of white flowers.

  • Don’t forget to decorate your walls and ceilings: large white curtains will give your reception room a heavenly look, and your guests will feel as if they are eating in paradise.
  • If you plan to arrange the gifts for the guests on their plates, again, make the right choice! If you are planning to offer sugared almonds, choose white almonds, the same goes for chocolate!

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