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▷ 🥇 What dishes for your wedding reception?

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On your wedding day, appearance is more important than ever! It is a day in which everything is made to match, refined, aesthetic, to make the most beautiful of memories. It is in this perspective that you will plan a wedding decoration at the height of the event you are celebrating but also that you will choose with the greatest care your wedding dress or wedding attire to be as elegant as you wish.

Because a successful design requires the smallest details of your reception, don’t forget to worry about something you don’t hear much about: wedding tableware. Here is some information on this topic.

What needs?

First make a list of all the times you will need dishes and the type of accessories you will need. Dishes are washed during the cocktail, lunch and evening. For the cocktail, you will need large containers and plates to serve the appetizers. If you hire a caterer, they will usually take care of the dishes. You will also need to bring champagne glasses, water glasses, and possibly wine glasses. For food, you will need plates (of different shapes depending on the nature of the plates), cutlery and glasses (glass of water + one or two glasses of wine). For the evening, think of cocktail glasses and possibly a few plates if you plan a late-night buffet. Don’t forget the silverware and coffee cups and saucers!

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What quantities?

It is generally recommended to provide slightly more plates than the number of guests in case of breakage (10 additional plates per 100 guests). Regarding glasses, one of each type will be provided per person, knowing that not everyone will use all of their glasses. Count your different cocktail stands to help you plan enough plates and silverware.

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What material is?

Choose the materials for your dishes according to the theme of your wedding and the style you want to adopt. An oriental wedding decoration does not require the same type of dishes as an antique wedding. Among the ceramic tableware there are three types of manufacture: stoneware, earthenware and porcelain. Sandstone is generally the cheapest and strongest material. Ceramic is more brittle than porcelain. As for the latter, it is still the benchmark in terms of tableware. You will also find tempered glass plates in the store, a sturdy material at a generally affordable price.

If you are planning a rural wedding in a natural, simple and ecological environment, think about recyclable cardboard tableware, practical and respectful with the environment. A classic and sophisticated wedding will use crystal glasses and cutlery. If you are afraid of spending too much on plates, prefer recyclable plastic glasses for the honor wine (where the guests are more numerous), then better quality glasses for the food. Also think about the personalized, reusable mugs that your loved ones can keep and use during the reception.

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What colors, what patterns?

The color of your plates depends on the decoration of the wedding room. White is a safe choice for dishes because it is easy to match and fits all wedding styles. Pastel tones are always a good idea to add a touch of softness and refinement to your wedding table decoration. Glamorous and festive brides will surely want to invite notes of gold and silver to their table through the edges of plates, glasses or silverware handles. Black will be the favorite of modern couples in a decidedly contemporary setting. The floral motifs will delight the most romantic. Geometric patterns are perfectly suited to a modern or hipster wedding.

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Where to get it?

When it comes to dishes, it is better to rent than to buy to avoid finding yourself with hundreds of plates and cutlery in your arms that you will not know what to do with them. Ask your food provider who sometimes rents your dishes for free. The owners of your reception area can also offer you this integrated service. On the Internet you will find a large number of tableware rental companies that also take care of cleaning. Feel free to take a look at the provider list.

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​the style of your wedding, choose a tableware that fits perfectly in your original wedding. Combine it on your tables with pretty floral arrangements like bouquets of roses to keep a sense of detail on your dishes.

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