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What if I dont like the engagement ring
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▷ 🥇 What if I don’t like the engagement ring?

Before you can send your wedding invitations, even before you start looking for your wedding dress, you will have to go through an essential step: the wedding proposal! Beyond a beautiful place and a moving speech, your companion will have to choose a very special and symbol-rich accessory: the famous engagement ring! If you appreciated your spouse’s original proposal, you would have preferred the originality to stop there! In fact, here you are in front of an amazing engagement ring that, despite the joy of this beautiful event, you dislike a lot.

This is an embarrassing situation for which you may not have been prepared. We have done this for you and offer you these few tips on this topic.

Do not panic

Don’t say no to the man in your life just because you’re disappointed in the aesthetics of your ring. Take a deep breath and analyze the situation. The person you love is in front of you and offers you to live forever by their side. Don’t spoil this great moment of joy or postpone any comment on the ring.

Be understanding

If we do not buy jewelry every day, even less so our colleagues. Your friend may be able to offer you the right bouquet of roses or your favorite chocolates, but choosing a ring requires a whole new level of skill. Between the size, the thickness, the different patterns, the materials and the gemstones it is normal that he felt lost.


Don’t look at this poor ring choice as a sign that your partner doesn’t know you and doesn’t care about your expectations. Your friend did everything he could. You may even have spent several hours in one or more jewelry stores hesitating between the different models. Just because she made a mistake doesn’t mean she doesn’t love or know you, it’s just that this is her first engagement ring purchase and she doesn’t have enough benchmarks.

Find out the origin of the ring

Before making any criticism of the ring in front of you, try to know a little more. In fact, it can be a family gem passed down from generation to generation, the symbolism of which is particularly important to your spouse. The reproaches will be difficult to hear if the ring has a whole history. If you have recently purchased from a jeweler, it will be more obvious to start negotiations.

Try to understand this choice

Your friend may have chosen this ring because it speaks to him, it somehow reminds him of your love story. Ask him subtly to try to understand the reasons for his decision. By explaining how you interpret this jewel, your companion will be able to convince you of its value.

Analyze the problem

Try to understand what you don’t like. Is the ring too small, too big, too simple, too flashy? Is it the style or color that doesn’t match most of your cocktail dresses? Before taking any action, ask yourself what type of ring you would like to wear and if your expectations are realistic.

Express yourself delicately

Have you decided to tell your fiancé that you don’t like his gift? So choose your words carefully before saying them. Your partner has certainly spent time selecting this gem to please you. You will necessarily be disappointed to see that you were wrong. Being able to tell you the news gently.

Redraw your ring

A professional jeweler can make modifications to a ring. To make the famous jewel match your style and wedding dress, modify some of its elements. This will help you to appropriate this new accessory.

Choosing the engagement ring together

Has the marriage proposal not taken place yet? Do you foresee a poor ring choice? If you don’t like surprises and you and your partner regularly discuss a wedding project, you can suggest that your friend go to a jewelry store with him to choose your ring. You will lose spontaneity and surprise, but at least you will make sure to wear a jewel that fits you 100%.

If you think that the engagement ring will not be your spouse’s only mistake when preparing for this original wedding, do not hesitate to offer to accompany him to choose his wedding dress! Then you will take the lead and avoid a second disappointment!

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