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▷ 🥇 Why don’t you try airbrush makeup?

You found the most beautiful wedding dress! You look forward to donning this exceptional garment and accompanying it with a pretty bridal bouquet as you walk down the aisle to your loved one. In order to enhance your appearance, you intend to offer yourself a wedding makeup tailored to your complexion, your character and the style of your event.

As we know, the complexion is the basis of a successful makeup. In fact, it is a critical and unavoidable aspect of your beauty enhancement that you will need to pay the most attention to. Today, there is a technique that allows to obtain an absolutely perfect result in this field: the airbrush.

Here’s everything you need to know about this makeup method from the United States that will make you the star of your wedding day!

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What is the airbrush?

The airbrush or airbrush can be compared to the technique of the self-tanning shower. In effect, it is about spraying makeup on the face, here with a pen or a compressed air gun. This small device will allow you to gently push your wedding makeup towards the different areas of your face that will receive a breath of air and cosmetic pigments.

This type of device generally has three projection speeds to allow you to control the application of the product. The airbrush or airbrush can be used to apply a foundation, highlighter, blush, or even dark makeup for a controlled contour.

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What are the advantages?

The advantage of this facial beauty technique is above all to offer you a perfectly unified complexion with a very discreet appearance, ideal for women looking for a natural wedding makeup. As it is an air and pigment spray application, your skin avoids contact with brushes, sponges and other makeup tools and therefore runs the risk of reacting or clogging your pores with excess product.

This method is ideal for sensitive skin due to its application method, but also thanks to the use of high-quality non-comedogenic cosmetics. The makeup session itself is particularly enjoyable thanks to this mist of freshness that gently settles on your face.

Airbrushing and D-Day

Do you want to use the airbrush technique to improve your appearance in your wedding dress? It is possible to purchase an airbrush unit to do your own makeup on D-Day. However, this is quite an investment and you will have to wonder if you plan to reuse your makeup gun after D-day or if it is unlikely to end up in a drawer. . You will also need to master this technique for optimal results, especially in terms of speed and projection distance.

Because this is your big day and to make sure everything is perfect, have a makeup professional apply your cosmetics. The airbrush method should of course be used before putting on the mermaid’s wedding dress so as not to run the risk of staining the whiteness of the fabric with projections of color pigments.

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