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How To Glam Up Short Hair For Your Wedding

It wasn’t until the 1920s that women began to cut their locks and wear short hairstyles. Women opted for the classic bobsleigh or tile cut, finger and ivory waves, as well as undercut curls, while the 1960s saw even more radical changes and the pixie cut became the latest trend. .

We think short hair is classy, ​​trendy, and easy to maintain, but finding the right style for your wedding can be a bit difficult. Whether it’s straight or curly, chin-length or fairy-cut, try doing something a little different on your big day to make it look really glamorous. Cut your bangs, make sexy waves at the beach, accessorize with a dazzling headphone or get inspired by famous short hair fashion icons for fresh ideas.

Wearing a simple pixie cut

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From Audrey Hepburn to Anne Hathaway, many great movie stars could do a short hairstyle with a glamorous ball gown. Although it is very simple and a bit childish, the pixie cut can be very classy. Think of Jane Seberg in her classic pixie in Dior’s black and white dress and a pair of ballerinas in the Godard film Breathless. This simple hairstyle oozes French elegance and you can glam it up with a few easy tricks to create the perfect bridal look.

If your hair is curly, wear it a bit messy like Audrey Tautou and wear a bold red lipstick and a pair of earrings to look more extravagant. You can also use Twiggy’s iconic fairy cuts for inspiration and make a fabulous sixties look with sparkling eyeshadows, cat gestures, and nude lips. If you prefer a more modern look, think of Michelle Williams and her gorgeous fairy with side-swept bangs, along with smoky, nude eyes, sparkling lips, and diamond earrings.

Classic bob with a twist

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From Anna Wintour’s iconic stiff bob to 1920s finger waves, there are plenty of cool ways to wear your chin along your chin. You can blow-dry it, or transform the look with a detail as small as a fabric flower, a crystal headband, or a large white bow for a gorgeous bridal hairstyle. Use a flat iron or curling iron to work out the texture of your hair. Straighten it to define the edges and make it look sleek and shiny, or curl it to create effortless beach waves. We love Karlie Kloss’s loose ringlets with bangs on one side and worn with bright red lipstick and black liner that is a fabulous contemporary take on old-school Hollywood waves. You can also wear a floral crown with this hairstyle for a laid back bohemian look.

If you want a retro hairstyle for your vintage-themed wedding, consider a traditional and elegant haircut if your theme is influenced by the 1920s. To make it look really sensational, adorn it with an eye-catching hair accessory, like a stylish veil. birdcage or a wide headband adorned with flowers, feathers, pearls and fabric beads. You can also go for 1940s Hollywood fashions and big waves, which don’t require any extra items to look glamorous.

Pull back

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Regardless of how short your hair is, you can always push it away from your face and hang it at the back to create the illusion of longer hair. To make it look more convincing, part your hair in the middle, pull it back, and use hairspray or small bobby pins to fix it. If you’re not comfortable wearing short hair on your special day, add some hair extensions to make a classic bun or bun. You can also make braids and knots to make your hair look longer than it actually is. Embellish with ribbons and fresh flowers to add a pop of color to this chic and modern hairstyle.

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