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101 Brides dresses with shoulder to shoulder neckline for 2020
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101 Bride’s dresses with shoulder to shoulder neckline for 2020

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Versatile, shoulder-to-shoulder necklines accompany several types of wedding looks, from the most discreet to the most sensual, in addition to lengthening and enhancing the silhouette. Following the context of the wedding decoration, time and climate, which are decisive factors to choose the type of look, the details and cutouts make all the difference for a bride. Besides the silhouette of her preference, the décolleté brings the personality and attitude that a model of wedding dress should have, and will leave the style of the protagonist in evidence.

There are women who do not give up the illusion of the neckline, because of the variety of alternatives it offers, others give preference to the heart neckline, which brings a “diva of the 50’s” footprint, but the enigmatic shoulder to shoulder brings class and sophistication, and can be incorporated in different ways. Charming, it has been highlighted by many brands that are fashion reference bridal in the parades aimed at trends for 2020. Seen as an eclectic dĂ©colletĂ©, it is most valued when harmonized with a hairstyle attached for marriage, which highlights the shoulders. Check out the gallery and be enchanted by these 101 proposals!

Bold in the right measure

Many brides opt for a classic look on their C-day, but even though the models are traditional, like a beautiful princess wedding dress, they don’t dispense with a light sensual touch, which shoulder to shoulder provides perfection. The sensual models that count on this neckline will instigate you, starting with the mermaid wedding dresses that continue to maintain their reign and are very evident in many collections presented, such as those of Rosa Clará, Eddy K., Aire Barcelona and Morilee, with variations also of the canoe neckline, which made the looks much more attractive.

Clippings and effects

A major highlight of the 2019 season that highlights the trend, both in bridal looks and models for guests, is that the shoulder-to-shoulder neckline appears with sensual cut-outs, re-reading of wedding dresses hopefully fall with straps dropped and worked. The tattoo effect with shoulder to shoulder neckline combined with long sleeves is also a charming option, in which worked lace is enough to bring refinement and elegance to the look. A neckline that becomes the great protagonist in the visual bringing glamour to sophisticated models.

Versatile and authentic

It is already known that this type of décolleté matches a classic ceremony, but if the idea is an alternative to accompany a rustic wedding decoration, you will notice how much a blink set of frills near the neckline shoulder to shoulderThe gypsy style is even more charming, making it the perfect bet for an outdoor ceremony on the beach or in the country. To highlight the style a hairstyle with a wedding braid adorned with flowers is a safe bet.

Alongside the asymmetrical trend towards wedding dresses, the bell sleeves are also still in evidence, which give a very involving medieval atmosphere. They have been well highlighted for 2020, with clipping effects that leave the apparent shoulders making the dĂ©colletĂ© indispensable to the model. Even if you want a more stripped down look, shoulder to shoulder can be the final “piece” for a look at the height of your dreams.

Details that mark

If you’re looking for a charming alternative for a ceremony that allows more daring, how about betting on the covers? Yes, they can be a nice alternative, and suitable for any liaison time. Big brands, like Aire Barcelona, have invested in this “detail” that wins all eyes.

The model are favoured with delicate fabrics such as satin, silk or tulle (even lacy)Combined with the shoulder-to-shoulder décolleté will leave the look elegant and perfect, it can be enhanced with a wedding stuck hairstyle and smaller earrings such as the button or pin.

With all these inpirations for an exuberant look, you must dedicate yourself to the choice of accessories, with a wedding shoe that complements it with grace, the jewels that value the hairstyle, especially the earrings and colors, which need to be well planned to be in harmony with the style of this neckline. And if you already have the complete look, do not forget the bouquet of flowers, which will finish everything with mastery.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? đź‘°

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