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Color trend for bridesmaids 2020

I recently made a post showing the colors that are a trend for bridesmaids in 2020. They are colors that were pointed out by Pantone as a trend and that will certainly influence fashion. Not only in dresses for bridesmaids, but in fashion in general. See the post with the Pantone list here.

Here for Pronta pra Festa I wanted to make a different post, showing the colors that I have seen being very popular with bridesmaids and guests. In other words, they are colors that are already being the most sought after and used this spring / summer 2020. How do I know that? Through my social networks! These are the dresses that earn the most likes and pins (besides of course receiving directs asking to post dresses in these colors).

Note that some colors coincide with the trends pointed out by Pantone. Case of mint green, pink tones, earth tones, light blue and coral.

Dresses in colors that are trend for wedding 2020: models for bridesmaids and guests

As the idea here is to help I took the opportunity to make a list with posts where I show dresses in the colors above. Most of them have more than fifty dresses, that is, they have models for all tastes and styles of weddings.

Fuchsia dress: beautiful and vibrant color! Fuchsia has been a little more successful than pink, but both have been in great demand.

Pink Dress: Light pink tones remain the color most used by bridesmaids. This time, in addition to the clear tones, the more vibrant tones like the pink bubble gum have been gaining space.

Light Blue Dress: all shades of light blue have been successful! Despite the demand for serenity blue in practice, all shades of light blue are on the rise.

Light Green Dress: the biggest demand is for mint green dresses but all shades of light green (and some dark) have been successful.

Dresses in Earthy Tones: Earthy tones in general (terracotta, caramel, brown and even nude) are on the rise in party fashion.

Coral Dress: Coral was appointed as the color of the year in 2019. It has become increasingly successful now that summer 2020 is approaching, after all the color is perfect for the season.

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