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Red lipstick for brides
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Red lipstick for brides –

One of the most difficult choices the bride has is to know which makeup she will wear on the big day! Afraid of making mistakes, many end up opting for the more classic styles, with lipsticks in more sober tones such as nudes or pink.

But we know that there are no rules for choosing the perfect look for brides, just suggestions. Most importantly, the bride decides to use what makes her feel confident and beautiful on the altar. So if her desire is to wear red lipstick on the day, so be it!

In this case, the tip is to choose a striking tone that enhances your beauty. There is no specific shade of red to use at weddings. The choice should be according to your skin tone and your style. See with your make-up artist which tone suits you best and, if possible, do make-up tests before the wedding day. This will give you more confidence in your makeup decision.

To help you a little in this choice, I selected some beautiful inspirations from brides with red lipstick. Check out:

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