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25 delicate necklaces for the bride ideal romantic accessory
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25 delicate necklaces for the bride: ideal romantic accessory

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The necklace is a very sweet accessory for women. It complements the looks leaving them stripped or elegant, and the different models also follow the fashion trends of each season. From the simplest with a pendant, to the choker (necklaces that were feverish in the early 2000s), for the necklaces with two or three turns as if they were several necklaces, even the long ones and the maxi necklaces with stones and larger ornaments, there are options for all tastes. In everyday life they combine with shirts and blouses that leave the lap and neck exposed, and even the turtleneck gains a charm with necklaces, which can also favor necklines of party dresses, where there is more luxury.

And besides being versatile, it’s an accessory democratic, since it can also be included in the set of jewels of the protagonists of day CAs a complement to the wedding look, as you can see in the photo gallery we have prepared.

Bride Style

Brides who are accustomed to wearing a necklace on a daily basis, who have the item as a trademark of their looks and who dream of the time of the wedding entrance song wearing a beautiful necklace on their neck, can choose from several models, but the most delicate are always on high to let the dress be the main garment of the look.

The more discreet versions of the accessory fall well both for women who have a longer neck and for those who have a shorter and wider neck, especially those with a short or medium chain and a small pendant of glitter or pearlas seen in Carolina Herrera’s collection.

Some variations of the pendants with a drop of light or with diamond, presented in the new collections, bring the feather and the snowflake. The mixture of metals – gold and silver – looks beautiful with white wedding dress models. Cartier brings delicate chain with two intertwined alliances, symbolizing the union of the new pair. These are necklaces that the bride can wear later on several occasions, in addition to C day.

Types of necklines and dresses

The short pendant necklaces match wedding dresses and hopefully fall with both a heart and a straight neckline. Dresses with sleeves or straps and square neckline can also be made with necklaces, in this case the effect it causes is to give the impression of shrinking breasts. The closer to the neck, without touching it, the more harmonious the lap with the accessory. The necklaces, or chokerThe dress with the canoe neckline is a striking production, leaving the shoulders in evidence.

In the gallery there are also more necklaces long, but equally delicate. These ornaments are best with V-necklines.. Those with a pendant at the tip with a brilliant color give a point of color and enhances the center of the body, in addition to accompanying the design of the neckline. Wedding hairstyles are a great way to let the accessory appear more, even if it is a discreet piece.

Dresses with plain fabric, without many embroidery, come to life with an accessory like this. So, even the most discreet necklaces are not recommended to wear with dresses with many detailsThe necklace is not only one more element, but it is lost in the look. More elaborate dresses with a lot of information only ask for a pair of earrings.

The bride needs to keep in mind that the accessories make up the look, so it’s good to think about the jewellery in advance to wear it at the time of the wedding dress fitting. This way you’ll be sure that the composition is perfect for the big day.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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