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30 Drop shaped earrings be inspired and know how to harmonize
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30 Drop-shaped earrings: be inspired and know how to harmonize them

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Although it seems just a detail in a luxurious wedding set, the earrings complement the look, adding more personality to the face and veil. Besides matching the wedding dress, it can be of the same metal as the wedding ring, being gold or silver or both. It is also good to be of a similar model to what the protagonist of the party usually wear in everyday life, to follow with her own style and even decorate with the bride’s shoe. In other words, it is a jewel that gives a touch of harmony to the costume.

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Variations of a model… The Drop

One of the most emblematic models, present in all seasons and seasons, is the one shaped like a drop. The stone or pearl is shaped like a drop of water, that is, rounded down and with a tip on top. The shape differs from the circle and the oval, leaving the piece more visually elegant. There are several models as you can see in the gallery we prepared in this article. Some are the same in the front and back and some are straight in the back.

In his latest collection Suarez explored numerous designs for this format. Highlighting the white gold, the brand invested in drops with stones like amethyst, sapphire, amethyst, and also made use of shiny studs. Swarowski dared with a large earring with two transparent drop-shaped stones. Badgley Mischka brought the drop-shaped, the drop has small stones and pearls making only the outline, which ensures an imposing piece. Lola Framboise, a brand that values a traditional design, presents the classic drop, transparent with flower on top or with small shines. For brides who want to have a point of colour in their look, Carolina Herrera has invested in models with colour, red and darker shades.

Combining with the face

The choice of earrings depends a lot on who’s wearing them. But if you’re in doubt, the more It is recommended to observe your face type, which will help in this decision to harmonizer accessories in the best possible way. Always remembering that they are precious tips, but there is no strict rule, what counts is the bride’s taste when choosing the ideal earring for her day.

  • Large and long earrings fall well on those with a round face, and cause a stretching effect. In this case, the narrower drop earrings are perfect;
  • Square faced brides can abuse the small and medium earrings;
  • The oval face is longer than the round one and therefore matches any size of earring;
  • And the inverted triangular face calls for bigger earrings. If you wear one or have short hair, the earring will be more in evidence

Complement of the dress

We usually combine the accessories with the clothes and when it comes to the wedding dress, this trend is no different. One is complementary to the other. The tip is that if dress has many embroidery and more details, the earring can be smaller and simpler. If the wedding dress model has an opaque and smooth fabric, the production of the accessories gains brilliance to create a complete contrast in the look and thus look harmonious.

Lace wedding dresses, with round, taller, or illusionary neckline, do not need heavy and long accessories, more delicate drop earrings are right in this production. Shoulder to shoulder necklines work with drop shaped earrings because they make the look even more romantic. Wedding dresses hopefully fall, with heart-shaped or V-neckline, combine with the longer version of the accessory.

What about the other accessories?

The suggestions follow the principle of balance, as does the whole set. The use of small earrings gives more freedom to use other complements such as tiara, necklace or even possible clips of strass for a loose hairdo. With big earrings you need to be more careful, try the model first of the dress with the accessories together to see if they are in tune with each other, and if you have to impose priorities, the big earring with a stuck wedding hairstyle is ideal, highlighting the neck and the complement.

In the same way that the couple wants to recognize their own style in the decoration of the wedding, the bride needs to know herself so that the choices of accessory and dress have to do with her. Being gorgeous and being recognized is one of the purposes of getting ready for the party.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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