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50 ideas for your wedding look
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50 ideas for your wedding look

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When in doubt about how to value your chosen one’s curves among the wedding dresses? A belt can be the solution to your problems. The trend is great for defining the waist and accentuating the body design. That’s why it’s a feature often used by many women on the day of the ceremony. Well used, this accessory is great to stretch the silhouette and still print a little more gloss and class to the look. But before you decide on it, try wearing a good quality corset under the dress. If the model already has a built-in corset, maybe the belt won’t be necessary, or it could be a matching model.

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Test the combination

It may seem obvious, but not all women remember to try on the belt while trying on the dress, and that is extremely important. Some intuit that the garment will fall well because they are the same color and skip the fundamental test, in order to check the combination, since the style of the costume really matters in this decision.

But if you’ve chosen a simple wedding dress, feel free to try a bolder belt. The opposite logic also applies. Another cool tip is not to worry about combining the belt excessively with other accessories. A little contrast is very chic.

Types of silhouette

One thing you should always take into consideration is your body type and the shape of its upper part. An example: if you have large breasts, a simple, thin belt is the best choice. Then find the best place to put it, whether under the bust line or at the waist. The one that accentuates the trunk best is the winner.

Right pressure

Since the party involves dancing, you must fasten your belt properly so that it stays firm enough to stay in place without suffocating you or limiting your movements. The day is the couple’s big moment and it’s only fair that you’re comfortable in it. Nobody wants to spoil the fun, without being able to properly enjoy the songs for the wedding party because of the wrong hand in the belt pressure.

Belt types

There is a wide selection of belts and bands for brides on the market, from floral styles made only with fabric to luxurious metallic belts full of shine. Even among the most sophisticated brands, there are also elastic belts encrusted with jewellery and bijouterie for a more fitting look and even silk bands for a more austere and simple composition. There are stores that suggest belts in conjunction with hair bands in the same style. The contrast of floral organza on ribbons and small shiny ones is also interesting.

E one of the trends that came with absolute force this year were the ties and maxi tiesWhether as part of the sleeve or as a detail on the bride’s waist, they have regained their space in bridal fashion.

Mixture of materials

As there is no general rule on the subject and designers’ creativity has no limits, a belt can be made up of swan feathers, sheet metal, precious or semi-precious stones and even leather for a boho chic style wedding, without it all polishing the look.

But if your style is more for a vintage glamour, bet on brilliance and art décor designs, a fold without error and always elegant. It all depends on the choices made for the occasion. A rustic wedding decoration makes it possible to have more fun and exchange materials and textures that can be present in this kind of detail.

In general terms, the choice of belt should respect your style and the bridal gown, and may be more modern, classic or alternative. After all, like the other accessories, it has the power to personalize the look. That is why, along with the sash, it is also extremely popular in bridesmaids’ costumes and party dresses in general.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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