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50 perfect models for the most intense seasons
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50 perfect models for the most intense seasons

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When winter is behind us, the cozy charm of pastel tones opens the way for more intense colors. The most flowery season of the year, spring, and the hottest, summer, encourage you to invest in a more diverse and colourful palette and, for those preparing to climb the altar, you must also think of an indispensable accessory in the nuptial look: the bouquet of flowers.

For the coming months there is a huge range of possibilities, both of species of flowers and plants and of tones for your branch, just keep in mind the characteristics that best harmonize with the visual identity of your day, in view of the wedding decoration you have chosen, and the environment where you will say “yes”.

Vibrant colors

Professionals in the area guarantee that betting on intense colors during this period of the year will always be a welcome choice. For Samara Pieretti, for example, ahead of Bride Buquês, spring and summer allow investing in many colors. “These are seasons that ask for vibrant shades and, for the latest trends, brides can bet on bouquets that mix the pink, orange, yellow and purple“, he explains.

Taking advantage of trends

According to Samara, pastel shades can be saved for the winter, but the fundamental is that each bouquet be personalized, uniting the tendencies to the taste and desire of each bride. For next year one of the leading flowers already has a name: the beautiful protea. This flower with a different and exotic aspectwith its large core and small petals, which open up around it, in shades of white and pink.

The protea can be mixed with other flowers and foliage, creating an authentic effect, which is valid for both sophisticated branches and bouquets of country flowers with a more daring touch. And, according to Samara, it is versatile, as it adapts to both hotter season bouquets and milder periods, and its dried leaves can also be used.

Besides that flower, the greener your accessory, the better. The maxi-buquês, who have been successful among the brides boho chicthey can gain more volume from the foliage, and for the summer, how about betting on a very tropical style, with rib leaves from Adam or palm trees?

Most recommended species

Nowadays, with the greenhouses and treatments to keep the bouquets fresh until the “yes” moment, even species that are from other seasons can last the time of day C, but it is still more advisable to choose flowers of the season, that will be lush, in their best “shape”. Among the most sought after, and which do not lose their place, are the rwings and hydrangeas (these especially for spring).

But it’s also possible to choose flowers that are fine adapted to warm climates, such as camellias, gerberas, glass of milk, lisianthus, thestromélias, lilies, orchids…lion’s mouth, bromeliads and helicopters. And the list extends.

Space for tradition

Summer and spring open the doors to daring, it’s true, but brides who prefer more traditional accessories, combined with a simple and elegant wedding decoration, nothing prevents having a pink bridal bouquet, with flowers that highlight this romantic tone, mixed with little flowers, like daisies or mosquitoes.

E, if you want to use a more diverse palette, a beautiful option is lavenderwith its lilac pastel shade, typical of rustic bouquets both in spring and autumn, and one of the most popular wild flowers, which also stands out for its unmistakable perfume.

Choosing the bouquet will probably take longer than you thought. One composition leads to another, and each flower can become a new possibility. But it will be like choosing the wedding dress: when it is on the perfect bouquet, you will feel it. But for that moment to happen, look for inspiration in our gallery and know what your style is, so that the bouquet matches both your personality and the flower arrangements, and your whole event.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

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