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6 Signs that a dress may not be ideal for you

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A wedding dress is much more than the costume of a wedding celebration. It carries decades and decades of tradition and, for many women, it is a dream being realized. Considering everything it represents, it is possible to understand that it is not only a luxury outfit, it is a symbol of a celebration that marks the before and after in the life of a couple, and therefore deserves to be chosen with patience and affection, until the ideal dress is found.

Among the many options, brands and seasons that are being launched, it is likely that you already have an initial idea of what you want, and the cuts that most suit your body and your personality, but in the face of the desire to find the perfect wedding dress model right away, you may make some mistakes by not looking more closely at the options. It is with this in mind that we will give you 6 tips so that when it comes to “hit the hammer”, you have before your eyes the one that was really made for you.

1. Exits (radically) from the budget

It’s inevitable to assume that the dress will come out a little bit of the stipulated values, but it should never ruin the budget the couple had in mind. When a bride enters a shop and tries on some dresses, it is normal to be dazzled by precisely those whose prices are well above what she would like to spend, but one must have one’s feet on the ground. Don’t fall for the cliché that dictates that you always want what you can’t have. Don’t be fooled by the first perfect dress you find: if it comes too much off the budget, it’s already a sign that it’s not the ideal dress and the best thing to do is to evaluate everything in a rational way, without letting yourself be carried away by the initial charm.

2. Needs many changes

If you choose the princess wedding dress you always wanted, but finally decide you just want to keep the skirt and everything else will change, for example, maybe this is not the ideal model. There are many different styles and models on the market, and the catalog has an immense variety, for all tastes. So, for sure you will find one that has everything, or almost everything, as you always dreamed. One or the other change has no problem, but if you feel you should alter almost the entire dress, how about researching it better and find that one gets as close as you could ever imagine?

3. The size is not adequate

There are models that can present everything you wanted for your C-day. That mermaid’s dress with lace and delicate details you imagined entering the church with. But… Unfortunately, you didn’t find it the exact size you usually wear. In some cases it’s possible to remodel and make it bigger or smaller, but for some dresses, these changes can mean damage to the fabric or the cut itself. If it is too small or too big (although in that case the transformation is easier), consider looking for something similar with other brands or in different stores. There is no point in taking the risk that the model will not fit your body perfectly.

4. It can be very “polemic”

A bride’s opinion is always the most important. It is she who will enter the hall while all eyes await her, it is she who will experience this emotion. Still, when trying on a dress, it is always good to have people of extreme confidence next to you, who can give a second or third opinion with affection and honesty, and it is also good to consider what they think during the tests. If you’ve fallen in love with one dress and can’t see yourself in another, it’s already an important sign that it could be “yours”! But if it causes a certain “polemic” when you look at it in the mirror, and if he leaves you with a lot of doubts, see other guys to make you more comfortable.

5. Not suitable for the season

Considering the season in which you get married is the first step in all the choices of the link. The place where the event will take place, the buffet that will be served and, of course, also goes through the selection of the wedding costumes. If the wedding will be in a hot season, like summer, it makes no sense to choose a long-sleeved dress with thick fabrics, even if it is perfection. In the same way that a wedding in the mountains, during the winter, does not match with light, strap-on dresses, which do not protect in the cold. To say “yes” comfortably, you must have a dress adapted to the climate. Otherwise you may look beautiful, but feel inadequate or bothered by the cold or excessive sweating.

6. It’s not about the style of marriage

The style you and your love choose for the wedding should be reflected in every corner of the venue and also in the wedding costumes. A country bond, with a rustic wedding decoration, full of natural elements, for example, asks for more dress models bohoto match the whole atmosphere. In the same way, if your link will have a classic, more formal look, investing in models that have this characteristic is essential for harmony. Once again: each bride knows her preferences, and is free to choose the model with which she feels good, but keep in mind this coherent visual identity among all choices will make the event much more beautiful.

Choosing the venue and the buffet will be very important decisions, but there is no doubt that for the women who are about to climb the altar, being sure they wear the dress of their dreams is fundamental, and it will bring the most sincere smiles to the photos, besides the satisfaction shared with all friends and family. Did the tips help? After choosing the perfect costume, it will be time to choose a bouquet of flowers that is in tune with it, and you can get inspiration here at the portal as well.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

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