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60 coloured shoes for the bride to complete her look
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60 coloured shoes for the bride to complete her look

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Don’t let the chance to put a little color at your feet on the big day pass you by. Running away from the obvious combination of wedding shoes in the same tone as the clothes helps to convey the woman’s personality and style at the altar, as well as her mood and mood for the wedding. Since the models of wedding dress are overwhelmingly white or in the colors close to it, the choice of colored shoes does not bring up any problem of incompatibility with the costume. One or other care must be taken, but without causing great distress.

The decoration can be inspiration (or not)

If the couple opted for a blue wedding decoration, there is nothing to force the bride to wear something in the same tone. On the contrary, choosing a colour outside the day’s palette will give the protagonist greater prominence, especially if you choose a complementary tonelike a yellow or coral. But the most advisable is to consider the bouquet as a fundamental item for the combination. We recommend that you forget the colour used on the cake, for example: it is not it that should determine your decision on what to wear your feet.

Red or bordello

O red – as well as its related – is always a sure alternative. It’s beautiful, impactful and vibrantnot for nothing occupies the popular imaginary of the femme fatale. It’s cunning, denotes passion, power and energy. It’s hard to imagine a celebration where color makes more sense to be used than this. The red shoe for the bride is a reality whether it is between vintages or contemporaries, or between traditional or modern unions. Among the accessories, prefer those white or with metallic colors and more subtle so that the look does not end up polluted.

Gold, silver, gloss

Choosing one of these is like following the flow of the celebration. The accessories, starting with the alliances, are unlikely to have any of these effects and colors. It is glamorous and emanates nobility to your princess wedding dress, for example. Metallics will not require greater care to marry well with other colors used the rest of the look, like the necklaces and earrings.

But beware of combining strong colors with glitter together is dangerous. A pearl or shimmering fabric in a colour close to white is most recommended. It is preferable to opt for off-white, champagne or roséwhich will not compromise if combined with crystals and glitter.


Following the tradition of “something blue” to bring luck to the couple on “yes day”, many brides choose their shoes as the bastions of good omen. Aroyal, heavenly, oil, Tiffany, baby and other shades are a scandal on your feet. They’re easy to combine whatever the aesthetic of the party. Colour, historically, is linked to royalty and transmits serenity and harmony.

Vibrant colors

If red and royal haven’t won the bride’s heart, maybe other vibrant colors will. Yellow and orange combine with a solar party, held in the morning or afternoon light. They are cheerful and emanate vitality, disposition, relaxation and warmth. They are therefore perfect for open-air celebrations. Purple, in turn, emanates a certain mystery, combined with strength, luxury and introspection. It is pure magic in its essence, being tied up at night. The opulence of color ends up being a decoy for more exquisite unions.

The rose is feminine, romantic and imposes its presence. And therefore indicated for more dreamy brides. But whatever you choose, again you should observe the contrast with the bouquet, preferably white, in pastel tones or the same colour in lower saturation. Colorful shoes in strong tones work as anchors in the look within a production full of details and nuances that cannot be lost or eclipsed by excess information.

Pastel tones

The choice of the more traditional women. Lightness and delicacy for a sober production, but nothing monotonous. There is no chance of imbalance in the proposal no matter how multicoloured the bouquet of flowers in the field.


Flowers have everything to do with marriage. They’re in the decoration, the bride’s hand, the buffet dishes, the cake. O floral theme, carrying, is welcome in footwear with some mix of colors. In this case, it must have the same as the species in the hands of the bride. Otherwise, the prints must be small and spaced, with classic patterns, such as chalk stripes or balls.

Care in choosing

The greatest care there should be is about comfort. Shoes should be comfortable and this is a commandment that should never be forgotten. The style of the model should also be in line with that of the outfit. A sisal sandal has nothing to do with a fancy dress and wrapped in glitter. Besides these precautions, be careful with the printed shoes. With the exception of the florals, always welcome, and some more classic patterns, it is preferable to veto them.

An example of this is the animal print. One has to keep in mind the whole set for the choice and this is a kind of standardization that points to an aesthetic opposite to the desired one for the visual. It is a rule: all very striking prints must be discarded. These are the only prohibitions.

In addition to the usual smile, it is essential to understand that a pair of yellow bridal or red shoes can help communicate the excitement of the special moment to your guests. Fashion is nothing more than a form of expression, with great power on the wedding day. Not restricting to wedding dresses the whole mission of expressing expectations, yearnings and state of mind demonstrates that a woman has a keen sense of style.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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