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70 models to inspire you

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? đź‘°

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One of the things that won’t come out of the minds of women who just said “yes” is the choice of the wedding dress. And they’re not the only ones looking for the perfect model. The most renowned designers of bridal fashion are always in this race, launching new trends and adapting the classics to create new types of dresses, for the taste of all brides. And each season, the traditional cuts and necklines are reinvented, bringing a huge range of more options.

Just like your wedding decor, your dress should show off exactly your style and still enhance your body. Still can’t decide which dĂ©colletĂ© will best match your chosen model? Then meet the canoe neckline, and see if it is the great one selected to compose your perfect look.

Type of décolletage

The name of boat, or canoe, is due to its curved shape, which seems to shape the shape of a boat from one shoulder to the other. It is delicate and a little more formal and serious than other deeper necklines. But.., even though he’s more discreet, he’s very sensual, leaving part of his lap in sight, he’s very romantic.

We know that for every body type there are clothing models that benefit our qualities. The canoe neckline is one of those tricks, and provides shoulder, neck and nape highlights. Many designers say that the perfect fit is for those who have the hip wider than shoulders and small breasts. In addition, this type of neckline is suitable for the most varied cuts, from princess wedding dresses, with volume, to the most minimalist, simple wedding dresses, straight, giving an extra touch to the final set.

Classic and sexy models

Still within the canoe cutout, there are different styles and different ways of applying the model in a dress. The traditional ones are a little more closed and leave in evidence only the neck and little of the shoulders. The more closed ones should be avoided by the lower ones, since they shrink the silhouette a little. They are perfect for those who have large breasts and do not want to leave them in evidence, since they give a good support, different from the models of wedding dress that hopefully fall. If you want a more traditional look, bet on this décolleté that will give much elegance with a touch of sensuality.

There are also the more open boat necklines are sexier, lower and show shoulders completelyfor brides who seek something with more sensuality, keeping the traditional style. If you have opted for this sexier and more open model, remember that you must worry about skin care in the months leading up to the big day, so that your arms and lap shine with your dress. Be careful with the sun on the previous days, to avoid redness and ensure an even tan.


The models of wedding dresses with lace are a safe bet for this type of neckline, and the designers have been showing this every season. Romanticism goes hand in hand with sensuality in these wedding dress models. They compose perfect looks for country and outdoor events. If they have opted for a rustic wedding decoration, with an outdoor altar and ceremony surrounded by nature, the lace with the boat neckline will make the perfect combination for a dress harmonized with its natural surroundings.

Convinced to shine with this neckline at the party? Now that you’ve made your choice of dress, it’s time to make other arrangements, and wait for the big day when you’ll surprise your guests when the wedding music plays for your entrance. And if you still have doubts, how about checking out the 70 models in our gallery?

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? đź‘°

We help you find it in our catalog

Compare and request quotes

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