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80 low shoes and beautiful for guests style and comfort
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80 low shoes (and beautiful) for guests: style and comfort

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The hegemony of jumping is out of use by several women who prefer to express their natural style without having to fix themselves on standards, and prioritize freedom rather than fighting for balance over jumping. The current woman seeks to combine comfort and security without losing the charm. Whatever kind of wedding invitation she has received, following her style, even when the idea is to wear a party dress with a low shoe, will give you the security you need to kick ass.

Currently, the low models, called flats (flat shoes or low heels) have surprised with barbaric proposals and ideas for the most diverse celebrations. The trend is so strong that we have seen even in the famous “red carpet” incredible alternatives, which accentuate the growing demand for the proposal. Always a good option for those who want to dance all the songs of the wedding party, without any discomfort.

1. Sandals

The models of flats are present at various gala events, arise with the very thin and super-worked handles, with stone application throughout, with metallic leather or with embroidery dazzling. Crawls fall well with any length of skirt, or with long party dresses, even at formal events. If the invitation is for a day celebration there are options with more ingrained colors and original cutouts, which value a look for a summer ceremony, for example.

2. Mule

Unstoppable and much loved, the mules are here to stay, but it should be used, preferably, when the concept of décor is relaxed (although it maintains its elegance), because the model passes this footprint quite spontaneously. Although you may find alternatives that are well enhanced, with embroidery, stonework or even hand-painted, make sure that the nature of the party is such that you invest in a mule look that matches perfectly with straight midi skirts, slits, or bold proposals like trousers or a jumpsuit.

3. Sneakers

Timeless, the shoes always find room to form an elegant look, especially with openings on the side, with a strap at the back or with a strap that attaches to the ankle. The most luxurious black satin with crystals or velvet with gold brocadefor example, they can successfully lift a cheap party dress.

The of leather with vibrant colors or the black one in varnish with fine shape in the beak, they can give a classic touch to the basic tube. The pastel sneakers can accompany a printed dress for a ceremony in the country. Only avoid leather options with rubber soles, which are very sporty.

4. Oxford

Inspired by men’s shoes, the favourite for lovers of vintage style, Oxford follows the line of basses and closures, but arrives this season with versions worked on leather. Whether with delicate lashings or cut-outs on the side, new inspirations have made the traditional Oxford a versatile model and super suitable to be worn with a mid-season dress or a suit with short pants.

5. Boots

When the creative wedding invitation is for the winter, there are short pipe boots that are perfect for wearing with full-bodied plaid wool skirts or a sensual scuba mesh dress. We found alternatives of worked boots – always in the low-cut version – that value a long velvet dress.

Stylish accessories leave the perfect look for a formal event on a cold night. The proposals of short pipe boots are increasingly made, with delicate cut-outs on the side or with customised tipsare authentic to accompany the woman who seeks security and knows that she can shine without jumping.

If the bridal shoe is able to leave the protagonist of the day looking flawless, you can also opt for a low shoe and kick ass without having to surrender to the dictatorship of high heels. Just follow the concept of wedding decor, the schedule and your personal style to be perfect for any occasion.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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