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a star tone for 2020
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a star tone for 2020

Enter the year, exit the year, the color palettes of fashion renew themselves and bring with them a whole selection of new products to accompany the vibe of the new times. In 2020, one of the shades that promises to dictate the rules and make beautiful is mint green. Vibrant and daring, it is already present in new releases of makeup, lingerie, nail polish and party dresses. He could also. Godmothers and wedding guests only have to benefit from color, which emanates freshness and symbolizes harmony, growth, renewal and balance. It is a delicate and elegant choice that carries with it the best wishes for the beginning of life for two. So don’t be surprised if it is also present in your wedding decoration.

Versatile, mint green fits any party style. From the ceremonies held on the farm to the sound of violins to unions with a more contemporary and detached footprint, it works well in a wide range of proposals thanks to the variety of cuts available for women’s costumes and details full of refinement, romanticism or transgression, depending on your personality, taste and plan for the occasion.

Lightness and charm

For a more romantic and jovial look with colour, choose the long party dresses or midi size with the wide skirt, preferably in A cut. Embroidered models on top combined with lightweight fabrics and transparent on the bottom and its flying effect will turn you into a fairy, whether godmother or not. Crowns of flowers in various pastel shades will make your dream of being stunning on the day come true.

Modernity and shock

Accessories and gold or gold details are able to completely change a look potentially serene and monotonous. The brilliance and glamour of the color that symbolizes richness combined with green is a timeless and at the same time modern fold, by the grandiosity of the proposal in counterpoint nuances that provoke different sensations and feelings. A classic case in which opposition generates complementarity.

Silver and silver won’t make ugly either, if you prefer to gold. For an even greater impact, opt for the pieces that are tighter to the body, with a mermaid cut and more structured waist. Or choose more glossy fabrics and shiny effect, like satin and silk, which leave green a scandal. Would it be the case to propose some of these effects and combinations in church decoration for marriage? Perhaps.

No age ban

Because of the freshness that color brings, it is natural to think of it as an alternative only for the young. I’m mistaken. Maturity and experience marry extremely well with mint greento the point of rejuvenating the wearer, regardless of the person’s date of birth. A straight cut garment with a height below the knee combined with a lacy and slightly transparent bolero will make all the beauty of your mother, aunt or grandmother more evident. Browse the models of party dresses and see with which they will feel more comfortable.

The related colors

If your difficulty is thinking of the tones that can be combined in the colour palette, try putting side by side a More pale green with details in champagne, white, peach, lilac, coral and light pink. The result will surprise you.

Even the warm shades, like orange and yellow, and the elegant gray can resign the look. The combinations between the colors are so cool that there are brides who choose to ask half of their godmothers to appear in mint green and half of another related shade, like the coral.

Eager to see yourself in an elegant outfit with the colour of fashion? We are, too. So be sure to include her in your research on party dresses. Love at first sight for one of the models may already come with the answer about the wedding style you can do. Delight yourself with the possibilities of this trend by making sure you look beautiful.

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