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Aire Barcelona party dresses meet the 2020 collection
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Aire Barcelona party dresses: meet the 2020 collection

The Spanish brand Aire Barcelona has a collection of party dresses for 2020 based on the classic models that are the darlings of women. This year’s catalogue brings a wide variety of pieces for guests and godmothers, ensuring that not only will the couple be in their best shape on their wedding day. It is above average elegance thought for all the women of the brand that has shone at the latest wedding fashion events in beautiful wedding dresses. Choose the one that best fits your silhouette and feel the power. It’s hard to deny “yes” to at least one of the outfits.

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Sensuality? We have

From the romanticism of the pastel tones to the strength of the red party dress, there is the highlight of the “blockbuster” cuts. The deep crevices, V-neck and shoulder-to-shoulder necklines and flying skirts promise cause frisson among women who like to be present wherever they go, always to the right extent. The curves, when well accentuated by suits with a good fall, work as a decoy on their own without being for the wrong reasons.

Recency and sobriety? Also

It’s common for older guests to prefer models that are more sober, discreet and do not reveal so much skin. A predilection that does not stick to the more mature people and is also contemplated in the collection. Long sleeves that imitate a cover add refinement and sophistication who already knows he’s right to bet on a classic, timeless design. Because chic is being comfortable with yourself.

Shine? Right away.

It is possible to say that there are types of women: the discreet ones, the ones who like brightness and the ones who like a lot of brightness. If you belong to the third group, be happy. There are incredible long options, all embroidered with shimmering pieces and details that, of such beautiful…will make you regret not having a reasonable excuse to use them until you go to the bakery. But unfortunately the world is not yet ready for this conversation, and the way is to take advantage of weddings to feel like a star!

Blue of will? Enjoy!

A good part of the collection is tied to blue tones. Those who can’t resist a blue party dress can choose between royal, oil, turquoise, tiffany, celestial and marine, among others. Transparencies, lace and prints complement the look …of the colored models, one of many people’s favorites.

The tons darker tune the silhouette and make the appearance more seriousThe more open shades make the result more vivid and bright, especially when represented by satin fabrics. The lighter ones refer to tranquility and romance, showing all the versatility of the palette. If your idea is to feel yourself in heaven, investing in it will yield good fruit.

Basic black? Where?

No woman can’t understand the appeal of a beautiful black suit. But why bet on “basic black” when you have clothes with details that are breathtaking? The sobriety of the color allows it to blend with transparencies, glosses and tight silhouette in a way that no more daring detail gets “over”. Aire Barcelona proves this. Try on one of the party dress models in tone with colourful and/or printed accessories for a more intense impact when looking.

With one of these models in the closet, it will be difficult to hold on to the anxiety to finally parade with him and the rest of the production. To help with the waiting, play with make-up and wedding hairstyles until you find the one you consider the perfect match for the celebration. Every woman deserves to feel incredible, even more so on an occasion that represents a milestone for a loved one. As well as choosing the chosen outfit among the wedding dresses for those who marry requires patience, give yourself the chance to take advantage of the party to acquire something that will cheer up your spirit and your reflection. It will be a beautiful way to honor those you love, including yourself.

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