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be enchanted by the versatility of the 2020 collection
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be enchanted by the versatility of the 2020 collection

If you have been called to be a guest or godmother at a wedding, this is the perfect chance to present yourself in a Rosa Clara costume. The brand, named after the designer who founded the wedding fashion brand in 1995 in Barcelona, has launched a breathtaking 2020 collection of party dresses. There are dozens of models with cuts for all styles and female silhouettes, a feature that makes Rosa Clará a strong label present in more than 4,000 points of sale in 80 countries around the globe. This success was driven by the collections of wedding dresses manufactured and distributed in partnership with haute couture creators Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld and Zuhair Murad, in an exclusive contract. With names like these chanceling the quality of the production and breeding line, there is nothing to discuss.

There is no shortage of reasons for Rosa Clará to possess all this clamor. Just take a look at the luxury and refinement of the dresses designed for the women present at the wedding who will not be at the altar exchanging short sentences of love. Be you on the team of those in love with cracks, necklines or more conservative models, you’ll find jaw-dropping pieces for good taste and perfect fit. It’s unparalleled elegance for any time of the day of celebration.

Colors and prints

The collection brings a wide range of offers for all tastes. The Cold colors (blue, green, gray palettes), are more frequent among the options of dresses – and even overalls! – of the year, which doesn’t mean the appeal of the red party dress has been forgotten. He and the rose are there, raising the temperature of the selection of clothes, which also bets a lot on the printed fabrics of classic patterns such as the poá and the florals, especially the fold of black with white.

Embroidery and other details

The quality of the embroidery also deserves to be highlighted and shows one of the reasons why Rosa Clará is a reference in the nuptial fashion sector today. Whether they are present in the entire length of the piece or just a small detail on the shoulder, back or waist, add personality and class to the look.

They are also responsible for printing the brightness in part of the models in the most diverse types of designs and combinations among themselves, blending stripes, flowers, stars and geometric shapes in a harmonious manner. When concentrated in the central part of the body, the embroidery effect is unique, capturing all the looks to the regions of the back and waist, which highlights the female curves.

Valued Waist

Bands and loops are elements that are at the top of this collection. They add femininity and charm above all to the waist and help reinforce the classic cuts of dresses. With this, the brand has managed to reach visuals that are both imposing, winning and chicWhether such details are in the same color palette as the rest of the clothing or not. The bows in particular are an extra lure in the clothes thanks to the texture and punctual volume that they lend to them.

Differentiated Styles

Try walk your eyes through sleeves, necklines, lengths and brand skirts designed for 2020 and you’ll see how versatile she is. Models of sleeveless party dresses, short-sleeved, long, 3/4, open, bell mouth, snorting, loose or pleated, necklines of all kinds, long dresses, with and without tail, midi, above the knees, flying skirts, straight, open princess style, with and without slits, overalls… It’s hard not to find something that dresses you well in such a varied selection.

Something that shows the commitment of the brand, reaffirmed since 2007, to dress well all types of body. There is an understanding that it is not the people who have to serve in the clothes, but the opposite, a still incipient thought in the world of fashion in general. You will certainly feel a relief to realize that when you choose the brand, you will not feel that you have to fit into the clothes, but have enough to choose the one whose size and silhouette values you.

Duly presented to the brand’s know-how, we hope you feel at ease trying on some of its dresses, and feel the superior quality, beyond when you will look beautiful. The result will hardly please you and tends to be enhanced with one of the beautiful wedding hairstyles available. Give yourself the experience because the bride is not the only one who needs to be stunning on the big day.

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