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Dresses and Wedding Costumes for Civil Weddings 70 Inspirational Models
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Dresses and Wedding Costumes for Civil Weddings: 70 Inspirational Models

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Getting married in civil life usually brings too many questions to women on the tour of wedding dress stores. But the choice of the modelito is far from being a seven-headed animal. If the wedding takes place at the notary’s office, the tight and uninteresting place asks for clothes with more discretion (read less fabric and volume). This does not mean, however, that the look should go unnoticed. Longer silhouettes combined with elegant wedding hairstyles ensure a beautiful figure for the occasion.

Now, if the justice of the peace is available to formalize the couple in an open place and away from the bureaucratic scenario, there is too much freedom for a dress with a longer, rounder skirt and to climb the veil, the garland and the tail. This set of rules aims to better mobility and comfort for the bride on the day of signing the papers. Therefore, overalls and mythic dresses also usually give the faces with high frequency as a solution. And those are not the only considerations to be made for the choice. See what you take into account.

Civil suit x religious suit

Choosing a simpler and more sober dress for the civil wedding guarantees the bride’s elegance in the celebration without spoiling the surprise and glamorous effect expected for the religious union. As most couples do both ceremonies, the pattern is to opt for a more versatile outfit to appear before the judge, saving the best for later.

Thus, the many layers of tulle, lace and crepe are best suited to the occasion involving the blessings – or at least it has been agreed so. Whoever does not make the sacrament, can bet on something more daring and super producedas long as it’s outside the register.

Beware of corsets

Not infrequently the bride arranges herself for civil union. So climbing into a complex corset suit that is difficult to close or full of buttons on the back can become a problem. Prefer a simple wedding dress, that requires little or no help to close down. Be aware of that in online shopping.

Shorter dresses

Civil unions usually occur in the morning or afternoon, just as they usually gather small numbers of guests. Two strong reasons why short and medium wedding dresses are the most common. But the most definite reason to invest in them is usually the local.

The notary office, which only works during business hours, is not the most romantic and exciting scenario. With that, everything tends to be more practical and brief, including the clothes.

Save the tail

For the reasons already mentioned, leave aside the long dresses with a tail. If you still want the component, don’t choose the very long ones at the risk of getting over. Remember that the whole context of the marriage has to be considered: place, climate, time, duration and formality. When all this is disregarded, there is always the great risk that production will become aesthetically unpleasant.

Suits and overalls

Having practicality and elegance as the motto of the ceremony, the trouser and suit set and the jumpsuit (jumpsuits) make women’s heads more modern and pragmatic. They are chic, have a great fall and meet the formality requested. Which paradoxically makes those with a more detached personal style prefer them. The explanation is in the negative of having to fit the taste and personality into one of the wedding dress models.

Other styles

A handsome and discreet suit in a tailoring skirt will also do justice to the situation and the silhouette. Choose one pencil skirt of medium length, straight or asymmetrical cut, or assume the trend of frills with slight ripples down to the knee.

Passionate about fashion (and rockstars) can come up with a white silk tuxedo, Bianca Jagger style at the wedding with Mick (yes, from the Rollings Stones). Ideal for those who like clothes inspired by male fashion, which makes the proposal relaxed. Also part of the catwalks around the world are the wedding costumes composed of separate pieces for brides, which consist basically of long tops and high skirts, which show very timidly the belly.

If civil unions tend to leave out extravagant productions, with an abundance of details and fabrics, they in turn amplify the opportunity to explore another type of exuberance, of practical and modern designs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that wedding dresses for a formality involving bureaucracy have to be dull. Look for the comfort of your wedding shoes and other accessories to create an elegant, versatile and creative composition, and be happy.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

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