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how about betting on a “new classic”?

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After the choice of the wedding dress, one of the most difficult searches for women who will say “yes” is for the ideal footwear that will match perfectly with your outfit. Although beauty is the item that gains the highest priority, a wedding shoe should be comfortable, since the protagonist of the day will need to be full of energy throughout the event. Among the latest collections are colorful and metallic wedding shoes, but a more sober shade has been gaining space and designers have invested in models in this tone. We’re talking about nudity.

With palettes ranging from beige to gold, the nude has faded the traditional white…revealing a new tone to climb the altar with elegance. The result, for the great happiness of women, is that they can acquire a model that can be well enjoyed and worn either with a sports suit or for a more formal party. Many designers suggest that the sober tone of nude may be responsible for taking away the hegemony of white that reigned for many decades. Today, we show the advantages of betting on that tone and killing your day with this “new classic”.

Discreet but bold

Because it is an extremely discreet colour, a bet for the brides who opt for this shade, but who also want a more daring touch, are the details that can add a more irreverent touch to each model. Fabric ties on the sides, stonework, glossy, metallic buckles and even delicate paintings are among the props that add more charm and highlight the shoe.

In traditional ceremonies nudity matches?

Whatever the style of decoration of the wedding party, choosing the nude shoe will not compromise the character of the ceremony or leave you inadequate to participate in the most important event of your life. Just as in the bridal fashion shows of the biggest brands in the segment, nude fabrics with embroidery and very elegant stones were seen, the nude shoe can be smooth or follow the trend and have bright details to complement the visual identityA detail that fits all times and types of celebration.

Follow the tone of the look

The greatest desire of women who are about to say “yes” is that the look be perfect to reach the altar as you always imagined: divine. When choosing the nude shoe, be sure that the shade is adequate to accompany the color of your dress, see it straight, with a princess cut or a mermaid wedding dress. This will be fundamental to bring harmony and leave the perfect set. For shades of purer white, prefer pinker nude shades, and for dresses that lean towards tones like off white and champagne, it’s best to opt for a beige nudealmost yellowish.

Your favorite model

The most suitable is that to walk safely in your day, you should look for a shoe shape that you’re used to wearingThis will avoid a model that bothers her or prevents her from dancing to the wedding party’s songs naturally. The height and type of heel are important when choosing the shoe, you must remember that you will stand for hours and need to walk comfortably and spontaneously to be perfect on the big day.

Why bet on that color?

If you had already thought of opting for a colored shoe to be able to use it with other looks, nude is a great option, since the color is very versatile and matches all the shades of clothing. Nude also adapts to various clothing proposals, think of how a very high scarpin in that color can value a jeans or along with a tailleur for a business meeting. Certainly, it’s very useful in any woman’s closet, works as a joker for several occasions.

All wedding accessories are planned for months in order to bring more charm and perfection to the great protagonist of the day, so much so that makeup and wedding hairstyle tests are done to get the alternative that best suits your style. The shoe does not escape the rule, he will be responsible for making her incredible as she walks towards love, listening to the music of the wedding entrance they have chosen, so before buying it, make sure it is the right alternative for your feet.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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