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how about investing in that length?

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Wedding dresses are represented in traditional iconography and collective ideology almost always as long. The responsible for this are the hundreds of films, animations, series, soap operas and coverage of real weddings that end up portraying only the models with extensive tails. But those who think they are the only alternative to make any woman feel stunning are wrong. The mediums are proof of this, being a success also among party dresses.

Because they are lighter, pieces of this size are widely used in civil unions or by brides who choose to marry in ceremonies in the morning or afternoon. The model is also usually present at weddings held on the beach, standing on the sand. The reason? It is seen as more informal and stripped down. That’s why they are on the rise and have had good demand, especially among those who want a simple wedding decoration.


Although it goes well with the less conventional and minimalist proposals of union, this doesn’t mean it’s contraindicated to those with more traditional taste and wishes to exchange alliances in princess style.

In fact, because of the “half term” bar, the use of this type of dress is very versatile, becoming beautiful also in evening ceremonies. As it leaves the feet to the show, it is worth investing in the shoes with which it will combine. The mídi asks for the use of heel sandals or scarpins, whether white or not. It is worth searching for colorful bridal shoes in the search for inspiration and models that dialogue with the party palette.

History of the media

The media may be on the rise now, but their success story is ancient. The sheaths of women’s dresses began to rise in the 1920s, with women entering the market of work and the need for more practical clothes. After the First World War, young women earned the right to wear dresses with the length just below the knee. A trend that was reversed in the following decade by pressure from the textile industry.

It took designer Christian Dior with his New Look to point to the future of fashion in 1947. There, he expressed the female desire to replace the straight silhouettes of the post-World War II period with round skirts, with more movement and volume. The idea, much criticized at the time, strongly influenced the golden years, placing France once again at the epicentre of fashion trends. In the 1950s, length was one of the key looks of the decade. It was only from the 1970s that the medium gained a broader definitionas we know it today, serving to designate any sheath at the height between the knees and ankles.

Lightness and softness

Being a length that has made women’s heads so long in the past, he carries with him an aura vintage. You can take advantage of the lightness gained with the shortest skirt climbing delicate materials for details, such as tulle and organzaeither to the top or as one more layer of the lower, looser and rounder. If combined with this the medium model has cuffs, puffy or not, or canoe neckline, even a simple wedding dress gains a romantic air with irresistible appeal.

Discretion and charm

Medium models are also a great answer for those who prefer something more dry. Instead of a round, the skirt can be tubing, which ensures a more elegant and sober look. In this case, the great cheap can be to break the expectation of a monotonous combination with the use of little more creative materials and textures, such as fringes, partial transparencies and even plumage. A provocative solution that promises to be a scandal at the altar.

In short, so versatile, the media can be used at weddings held at any time of day and place, being more than ever high among wedding dress designers. It goes well in church, in the countryside, on the beach and whatever the style of ceremony and party of the couple. It’s a modern and attuned choice despite the vintage and retro touch that the model’s history can induce, and yet elegant. Proof of this is a quick tour through some of the mythical solutions available here in the gallery. Impossible not to be swayed by the beauty of the models, as well as the proposal not to dirty the skirt bar by avoiding a more armed look, which refers to a wedding cake.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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