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How to find the ideal wedding dress… from home!

Aire Barcelona
Aire Barcelona

If you are in full preparation for C-Day and want to know what the trends in wedding dresses are, you can’t miss our online catalog. In it you will find all the designers who sell in our country, perfectly organized by year and by collection. And if you want to find the perfect look for your “yes, I do”, don’t hesitate to check also the latest news on wedding shoes and to get all the inspiration you need when it comes to other essential accessories in the wedding look, like the bouquet of flowers. You can do all this easily and quickly, at home, with a simple click of a button. We show you all the “tricks” below. Don’t miss out!

How does the catalogue work?

You can access it without problems, both from the computer and the application. The first thing you will see are the different filters that will allow you to select from several categories. There are five in total: season, wedding dress designers, cut, neckline and length. In each search, you can select one option from each category or only those you consider necessary. For example: wedding dresses 2020, Pronovias, mermaid cut, V neckline and average length. Or, just wedding dresses 2020 and A cut.

What options are there?

The options are many and all different, so you can see the most diverse models. If you want to find out what’s new in your designer favorite, just select and filter by season. This will show all the models from your different collections. You already know which cut you prefer, but the other details are not clear to you? Check your favorite and get ready to fall in love with the proposals below.

The cuts are classified into 7 main groups: princess cut wedding dress, straight, evasive, in A, empire, mermaid cut wedding dresses and others, where you will see mainly wedding dresses with trousers.

As for necklines, the possibilities multiplycanoe, V-shaped, square, hopefully fall, single front, round, heart, wedding dresses with illusion neckline, shoulder to shoulder, princess, asymmetric and others. In this last group you will see proposals that do not meet any of the above requirements.

How do you select the designs you like the most?

Very easy! Once in the wedding dress catalogue, just click on the heart that appears in the top right corner of the model. When you click, it turns pink, so you can review them whenever you want, discarding some if you consider it necessary. To do this, just click the heart again.

What will you find on each model’s chart?

Your name or reference, the signature, the season and the collection in which it is included. You can also connect directly to the stylist’s website, and a map will indicate all the points of sale where the brand is in the world. In some cases, you will also see the “Mark visit” button, which will allow you to contact the company.

In turn, a store locator will indicate the nearest one to your locationhighlighting the distance in miles that separates you from her, and the name of the place. And with just one click in the stores you will be redirected to a very practical form, to request a quote, if you wish.

In addition, you will find the number of times other brides like you have selected this model as one of your favorites, and a short description of the dress in question, as well as one or more images of him, which will allow you to appreciate and analyze him well. And when you pass the mouse on the main image, a zoom very practical will be activated so you can better see the little details.

And there’s more. Other company models will be suggested and, if you want to leave a comment or make an appointmentyou’ll find a space for it. All these steps you can take without having to leave your home comfortably!

Are there only wedding dresses?

No, quite the opposite. As we indicated at the beginning, in our catalogue you will also see shoes, lingerie and accessorieswith which you can complete an impeccable wedding look. When you enter Shoes, you can select again by designerby season and, very important, by category: bride, groom and party. Don’t hesitate to click on this last category if the colored wedding shoes are among your favorites!

At LingerieIn addition to Underwear and Sleepwear, you will find the Other option. A generic name that encompasses from gowns and bodies even garters. There’ll be nothing missing for you!

The option Accessories is also very extensive, where after selecting the Bride option, you will discover all your possibilities. They can be purses (a practical option for women who wish to keep the survival kit for the protagonist of the day), belts, tops, boleros, mantillas and hats. Without forgetting the veils, tiaras and other items to complete the model of the bride’s hairstyle, and not all the elements necessary to succeed in “yes”. This is the case, for example, of the covers, jackets, vests, stoles, glasses, gloves… It is impossible not to find what you are looking for!

And for the groom and his closest guests?

The groom will also find costumes of all possible styles to stand out for their elegance and glamour on C-Day. It can be a classic attire, tuxedo, coat, a tuxedo, overcoat or semi overcoat, and adaptations of them. From white to black, passing through a wide trend in the range of blues and grays, there is no lack of color options, because there are also designs in green, red, bordero, metallic tones, brown … The possibilities are also multiplied as to the prints, since beside the plain classic models, there are prints, floral and geometric motifs, and other styles.

And there will also be no shortage of options for the other outstanding protagonists of the big day, such as the godmothers and bridesmaidsYou can choose from long party dresses, medium or short models, and then choose from the infinite options of colours and silhouettes. Dresses, jumpsuits, blazers, models with and without sleeves, adjusted, wider, with varied necklines etc.

The chips on the groom’s suits and party dresses are very similar to those of the bride, all so that you can navigate comfortably at homeby selecting the designs they like best.

The fashion and accessories catalogue for Wedding is not only the most extensive of all that you will find, but it will allow you to carry out research of the most diverse to find the perfect model, the one that will allow you to shine with your own light on one of the most important days of your life. And do not hesitate to share all your knowledge with your love, with your mother, with your sisters and your closest friends. There are many models of wedding suits faithful to the latest trends in men’s wedding fashion and numerous options for party dresses to research. Enter our catalogue and fulfill your dreams.

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