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know the recent collection of this national brand

The Martu brand was created in 2006 by the Rio de Janeiro designer Marta Macedo and since then, the studio has guaranteed a handcrafted and sophisticated fashion of party dresses for all occasions. These are custom-made and ready-made pieces for women who admire haute couture and want something exclusive and original to wear on special dates, like… their links! The wedding dresses from the brand’s most recent collection bring a different seam than handmade, with the touch of a Brazilian production.

The aesthetic of the collection conveys a lot of personality and is remarkable for the choice of lightweight fabrics, fluids and embroidery, which refers to the style boho in some models and a touch of the ’20s in others. The mix of striking accessories with differentiated necklines works with short hair or hairstyles attached for marriage, leaving the shoulders free. Even with the references, the collection presents something thought of the present, for brides who want a unique model, out of the ordinary and special.

Model Cuts

As you can see in the photo gallery, the mermaid wedding dresses have been repaginated, that is, they are not too tight on the legs, leaving the protagonist more free to move and dance, with glamorous impact tails.

The models with the evasive cut have a well marked hip, and each one of the dresses with A cut has a peculiarity: they are different from each other, but have the same type of skirt with infinite possibilities, which pleases various tastes and silhouettes. The only princess wedding dress too leaves the traditional and innovates with overlapping skirts and transparency for the romantic but daring brides.


The strong point of the Martu collection is prioritize the brides’ lap and neck. For those who want to wear necklaces, bigger earrings or even highlight the bust and stretch the silhouette, there are dresses with V-neckline. But for those who want the dress to be discreet in the lap, carrying details up to the neck and making the back gain the neckline, the single front and round neckline models are the bets of this collection.


Another distinctive detail of Martu is the presence of sleeves, which does not take away the sensuality, on the contrary, because it plays the game of “hide and show” to the right extent and with fashion information. It has a snort sleeve, loose sleeve up to the elbow and a three-quarter sleeve, being ideal for weddings that will take place in autumn.

Speaking of which, one model that stands out is the frill skirt, with a nude top and a buttonless jacket and all embroidered. It comes out of the obvious and makes the bride very elegant. One idea is to use at civil weddings in the country or in the city at night.


The seal brand on dresses flying, fluid and noble fabrics, the use of tulle and lace, with occasional pearl and shiny embroidery. The transparency gives the delicate and dramatic effect of the pieces, besides the pleated fabric of one of the asymmetric models. All done in a handcrafted way and with the care that the type of costume deserves.


The suggestion for the hair that matches all these models is the hairstyle with braid for marriage. It can be the coke oven, giving an effect bohemian messy with loose threadsfor example. As the dresses have many details and match necklaces and earrings, you don’t need much in the head arrangements to not carry the look.

Types of weddings

It’s worth what fits the couple’s style, but these dresses can embellish with a Provencal decoration, which mixes the romantic with the rustic, bringing sensations of the countryside or the beach in the creation of quiet, elegant surroundings. The French countryside style has this same footprint and works with colours such as green, blue and lilac. As the wedding dress models recall inspirations from the past, with a renewed touch of modernity in embroidery and props, the idea of decoration calls for vintage furniture and objects, for example, with floral fabrics in soft prints.

The bride who says “yes” to one of these dresses will be sure to have made the best choice for the big day. Everyone will understand the originality and personality of the protagonist in the chosen model. The photos in front of the wedding cake and in each corner of the decoration, with her pair, will all be equally special, loaded with style and lightness.

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