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Long dress for wedding: 15 models for weddings in summer 2020

If you are looking for a long wedding dress (guest or bridesmaid) you have to visit Sori’s spring / summer 2020 collection. They are dresses that bring together the best of today’s main trends in terms of both colors and models.

As it is a summer collection, even the dresses in classic zibeline models (mermaid and princess style) maintain freshness through slits and thin straps. Among the fluid models besides the slits, two novelties that have been very successful: pleats and dresses with layered skirt, like a ruffle, which makes the look even more feminine.

As I said before, all the dresses in this post are from Sori and you can buy them in multibrands all over the country. As I put in the post only fifteen dresses, I suggest taking a look at the Instagram of the brand @sorimodafesta to see the whole collection.

Long wedding dresses: 15 models for guests and bridesmaids

In this selection of dresses I made a point of including options for long dresses for beach, church and country wedding. I will not separate the dresses in the post according to the occasion because each case is different. It all depends a lot on the time, location, size of the wedding and preference of the bride in the case of dresses for bridesmaids.

long royal blue mermaid party dress with slit
long rose mermaid model party dress with belt
long silver party dress
long tiffany blue party dress
long emerald green party dress
long coral party dress for bridesmaid during the day
long coral party dress
long pink gum party dress
long peach party dress
long graphite gray party dress with shining model with cutouts at the waist and long sleeve
long rose party dress with ruffle
emerald green long dress with slit
long red dress long sleeve with slit
long red dress with slit

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