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Retrospective of who changed status – Guia Noiva Online

The year was very hectic and tense, but we can’t
to stop celebrating the love that was very present in that year 2019. Miscellaneous
famous weddings left the web in ecstasy in the past months!

We had it all: luxury, simplicity, exhibition and ceremonies
more intimist!

Below is a retrospective of the celebrities’ weddings
in 2019!

The luxury of Kaká and Carol Dias

The couple made their union official in Bahia, at the luxurious Txai resort in Itararé, on November 30. The bride wore a dress that hopefully would fall off signed by Whitehall Atelier and shone with a classic chic look, but who stole the scene were the children of Kaka, Lucas and Isabella, fruits of their previous marriage.

The little ones were the helper and maid of the ceremony, taking the covenants to the altar, and they won an ablation from their father and stepmother at the end of the walk!

The discretion of Tata Werneck and Rafael Vitti

Those two were so discreet that hardly anyone knew they were married. After having their first daughter, Clara, the couple announced their union in a social network post, where Tata and Rafael appear signing the papers!

The romanticism of Daniel Rocha and Laise Leal

The famous actor and dermatologist officialized their union
in a romantic ceremony in the city of Trancoso, Bahia, on March 23.
The city was chosen by Laise, who lived there as a child.

But during this year’s Rock in Rio, Daniel revealed that the
marriage lasted less than six months. The two are no longer together. Sad, huh?!

Cauã Reymond and Mariana Goldfarb: intimacy was the word!

The actor and the presenter, now a student of nutritionist,
opted for an intimate ceremony, reserved for family and friends.

The celebration took place on April 13th at an inn in
Conceição de Ibitipoca, district of the municipality of Lima Duarte, in the interior of
Minas Gerais.

For the decoration of the wedding, the couple adhered to the rustic theme
floral in the decoration, resulting in several plants and flowers as base of the visual.
On the outside, this was complemented by a curtain of lights in a
kind of a tent.

Thassia Naves and Arthur Attie Akl and their intimate marriage

The wedding of Thassia Naves and Artur Attie Akl took place on September 21st in a church in the city of Uberlândia, where the bride was baptized. The celebration had a more intimate feel, so only close friends and family were invited.

For the decoration of the church, the couple chose the classic,
white flowers and leaves, but all very clean and elegant.

For the party, the “romantic” style prevailed, and the bet was peonies of the most varied shades of pink, besides white flowers. The cake chosen was white with sugar flowers, made by the famous confectionary, The King Cage.

The Modernism of Titi Muller and Tomas Bertoni

The couple made their union official in an intimate ceremony reserved for family and friends to later address the party, also proposed to the most intimate people. During the occasion, the groom performed alongside the band Scalene and Titi Muller surprised their guests by singing and dancing “Wannabe”, by Spice Girls.

Global actress Tainá Muller, the presenter’s sister, was responsible for organizing the party that would close the wedding ceremony Titi Muller and Tomas.

The intimate ceremony of Chay and Laura

In July 2018, Chay Suede and Laura Neiva broke up, which ended up postponing their marriage. Later, in September, the couple returned and rescheduled the celebration for January 2 of that year, in a house belonging to the family, in the Alto dos Pinheiro neighborhood, in greater São Paulo.

The ceremony was intimate, counting only on family and close friends.

The marriage of Alok’s dreams

Together since 2014, DJ and Romana Novais have officialized their eternal union on a very non-traditional altar.

The Alok wedding was held at the sunrise at the feet of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro on January 15, right at the beginning of the year. The couple, who were engaged for 6 months, got married under the care of Father Omar, the rector of the shrine of Christ the Redeemer.

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