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Short wedding dresses 55 lovely models
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Short wedding dresses: 55 lovely models

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By batting your eyes, these models really look perfect for a civil wedding at the notary’s office, but the short-length wedding dresses are far from exclusive to this occasion. Currently there are several styles that fit the category, and that are suitable for different types of celebration, and can give the protagonist of the day C both a stripped down and fun look as a more elegant: just choose the ideal option for each taste and harmonize the details, such as makeup and the bouquet of flowers that enhance the beauty of the costume.

In addition, the short ones are super practical for brides who don’t intend to sit after the “yes”. For those who wish to play on the dance floor and even more for those who get married on the beach, in “foot on the sand” ceremonies, or on grassy or earthy terrain. These models still have countless artifices to differentiate them from casual dresses and often have an extra charm that the long ones do not have. Are you curious? Keep reading that we are going to explain it right away…


You’re wrong if you think short models should always be dressed as simple brides. Those who want to adhere to shorter lengths without losing their shine and prominence, should make use of applications of noble materials, such as lace, silk and stones, ensuring a composition more sophisticated.

And for those who want a minimalist short, don’t forget that these details may be present in the other pieces of the look: have you ever thought of an artificial bouquet of flowers made of flower brooches with pearls and lace? It will be the ideal combination.

What’s your short?

A shorter dress can have several lengths, as long as it is at or above the knee, and ask for more elaborate compositions to get out of the basics. For those above the knee, it is possible to invest in accessories and volume.

For dresses at knee height, typical of the 1950s, they may present a more vintage air and be complemented by accessories of the same style – perfect for brides who love the romanticism of reliving decades spent on the big day, and for the look to be complete, they can add a classic white bridal shoe, preferably in the style Mary Jane (the famous “doll shoe”)

Less is more

Yes, we also believe that simpler models can be more elegant when they feature cuts and refined materials. It is the ideal option for the most modern and minimalist ones, counting with countless options of dresses that follow the latest nuptial trends such as asymmetrical necklines, puffed sleeves and steamy fabrics. And a modern little model can perfectly be harmonized with classic elements, like a romantic pink bridal bouquet, an interesting and sophisticated contrast.

And don’t worry about looking for the perfect model. Many designers have presented collections for brides in various lengthsWithout compromising the charm of the model, which is as much true for imported party dresses as it is for wedding fashion, which has given more options to future wives who appreciate short dresses.


There are also those who wish to show their legs without losing the majestic air of long dresses and, in this case, the ideal option is to make use of the tail. Yes, the idea of a short, simple and elegant wedding dress model that can make the mixture of a shorter skirt with a tail that goes to the feet. This type of composition can follow various styles, with silhouettes ranging from classic, a princess wedding dress, to straight, more modern or boho.


And finally, a formula that applies to all the above options. For those who choose a short wedding dress, you must balancing the proportions is essential to ensure the refinement of the star of the day. A dress will hopefully fall down, for example, asks for wedding hairstyles to stand out, since it will be more in evidence

As you can see, it is not complicated to harmonize dresses with the length above the knee, you just have to pay attention to leave the whole set in tune. And, as a last detail, so that you are perfect from head to toe, remember to choose a wedding shoe with a whim, investing in authentic heels and even strass and fabric applications, since it will also be in evidence along with you.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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