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the fabric that does not lose its majesty
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the fabric that does not lose its majesty

When they are present, wedding dresses are undoubtedly the protagonists of a wedding, but guests can (and should) whim their models and make the bride and groom’s day even more beautiful with a party dress that is up to the celebration. Present in various details of C-day, even in the making of some wedding invitations, the lace gains fans wherever it goes and, although it looks like a little versatile fabric, can be easily combined with a multitude of accessories. A wedding party lace dress is a sure bet, and after reading and seeing our suggestions you will know the reasons.

The versatility of this texture allows women who opt for it to use it both at parties during the day, outdoors, in rustic environments, and indoors, in night marriages. Its fall gives movement, and leaves a delicate atmosphere. For those who are invited to a daytime party, the light tones are the most patched up and, with the exception of white (leave it to the bride!), the pastel colors are always a hit. Dry pink, nude, gray, baby blue, the palette is extensive, and these are just some of the options, if you have in mind this fabric for a party that is approaching. I knew more about this timeless alternative.

Harmonizing income

Another point where guests are sometimes in doubt is the length of the dress. Most weddings offer this to guests, but if in doubt, we have some tips. Long party dresses are almost mandatory at night weddings, especially those held in a church, and with the reception afterwards. In such cases, the lace is ideal, and can be in more intense colors, such as navy blue and embroidery, both with discreet silver accessories, which combine with blue tones; or gold, perfect for embroidery.

If the wedding is during the day, and the bride and groom make it clear that it will be an informal party, don’t be afraid to wear a short party dress. The advantage of a model in this length, with lace, is that the fabric already carries enough sophistication in itself, so even with a dress that looks simple, you’ll be well composed. In this case the light tones speak louder, and the accessories can be gold, silver or even copper to contrast.

Democratic fabric

Lace party dress models can be worn by short and tall, thin, curved or plus sizeIt all depends on the cut they choose, and that is why it is considered such a democratic fabric. The slimmer ones can invest in the fairer models, like the mermaid silhouette. Already women with more curves can choose the straightest cuts or slightly damaged, like the silhouette of an empire.

Plus, you can find cheap lace party dresses, since there are various types of lace for party dress, with different “designed” plots And the composition of the lace may also vary, some dresses have this fabric only in parts of their dress, for example on the corset or sleeves (with illusion effect), combined with a fluid silk skirt.

Hair without secrets

If you are a guest who thinks first of practicality, lace allows easy hairstyles for marriage. The stripped braids match perfectly, as do the more informal coke and the ponytails. And to have even less work, loose wedding hairstyles also enter the possibilities but, in this case, it is good to choose a discreet accessory to harmonize, such as cleats or very fine tiaras.

As it is a fabric that evokes a lot of delicacy, it is interesting to combine the dress with discreet and subtle accessories, even if they have highlights. If those who will say “yes” invest in your look from head to toe, thinking of shoes for brides that stand out when walking, you, as a guest, can also invest in accessories at the height of the party to harmonize with the lace dress, as a distinctive and more exuberant shoe, especially if the costume is clear. With lace you can be sure of one thing: you will be elegant and stylish for a bond.

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