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The necklines that most favor your physiognomy

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Lilian West

When choosing your wedding dress there are two fundamental aspects beyond your own style: the cut and the neckline. Of course, for a perfect look you must take into account, besides the dress, other accessories such as the bridal shoe and the jewelry, which are in accordance with the chosen style and combining all the elements, such as the wedding hairstyle you want to wear. But since it is often the dress that dictates each of these next choices, it is important to hit the cut and décolleté that most value their curves. Have you arrived at the neckline part and don’t know which one favours you the most? Today we explain each type and for which body type is advised.


He is one of the great protagonists in wedding dress models, very present in all collections. Sensual and stylistically feminine figureHe can leave his shoulders exposed and by highlighting the curves of his bosom, he can tune his back. This type is ideal for brides who have long necks and medium breasts, as it will draw attention to these areas. For those with very bulky breasts it may not be the occasion to carry this type of neckline.


Juvenile, discreet and comfortable, it fits very well to any length of sleeve and the same goes for the dress cuts. It favors almost all brides, making a curve around the thorax. It lengthens and tunes the neck optically and is a simple, timeless necklineIt can be more or less open, perfectly matching wedding hairstyles attached, leaving even more prominence that this neckline asks for, and with delicate necklaces and earrings to keep the softness of the style.

Canoe neckline

He’s discreet, elegant and gives a delicate look. This neckline designs a straight or rounded line from shoulder to shoulderBoth front and back, leaving the shoulders slightly uncovered, with a touch of delicate sensuality. It is perfect for those with a lot of bust, because it stylises the figure without giving volume to the chest. But if you also have a long neck and small bust, it can fit, without highlighting the chest, leaving other elements of the silhouette in evidence.

I wish it would fall

The wedding dress hopefully falls off is one of the favorites among the brides and does not disappoint when combined with the right body typeand has become the bridal neckline par excellence in recent times. It forms a strapless band on the bust and is very sexy. It suits brides with medium or large bust and short neck, as it leaves a lot of skin on the bust and widens it optically. Also an elegant décolleté that leaves the back uncovered, being able to combine perfectly with simple wedding hairstyles, since they will give more prominence to the bust.

Heart Neckline

It is the most romantic of necklines and brings a lot of femininity to the look, besides being one of the most traditional. It is ideal for women with a lot of bust, but firm, and with thin necks and arms, since it will leave the whole upper part in evidence. If the opposite is the case, it has a bulky bust and does not intend to draw attention to that part of the body, perhaps it is better to opt for another type of neckline. Bet on matching earrings and necklaces with that neckline and make your bust shine with elegance.

Square neckline

It has many characteristics similar to the round neckline, but the line it will make will be rectangular or square. Perfect for empire or straight court dressesThis type of décolleté leaves the bust smaller, which makes it the ideal bet for women who seek a softer image, with much elegance and delicacy.

Dumbbell neckline

It’s the perfect choice if you have a lot of bust and a wide back, since it reduces the two images, tunes and stylises the silhouette a lot. Its particularity is that if ties around his neck and leaves his back uncoveredIt is therefore recommended that you take your hair clipped to show every detail of this unique and original neckline. It is also suitable for brides who want to escape the traditional cuts and bring contemporary models.

Do you know which cleavage favors you the most? Now that you have chosen this detail that is up to the bride alone to decide, you can go back to your common tasks and decide with the groom what will be the wedding invitation you will send to your special guests, those who will be present when the wedding music plays and you enter with this precisely chosen dress.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

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