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Wedding Dresses Justin Alexander Signature 2021 romanticism without clichés
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Wedding Dresses Justin Alexander Signature 2021: romanticism without clichés

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For a dress to be the perfect wedding dress for you, it must be able to express its essence. Each woman has a different style and personality, and if this is present in her daily closet, she must also be very present at the altar, when she will say “yes” in a day when you are the protagonist. The 2021 season of Justin Alexander Signature impresses with the richness of details present in each model, worked with stone, lace, floral applications in fabric and more details that make each one of them a unique piece.

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Real jewels

One of the highlights of this season are the embroidered patterns in lace and strass on the dresses, forming textures and prints that gave a romantic air to them, and at the same time left the dresses with a more sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere. The tattoo lace effect was present in many of the models, and was used both on the sleeves and on the necklines, front and back, which gave more femininity to the dresses, which had very delicate stonework patterns for this “tattoo effect” on the skin.

Reinventing classics

If, on the one hand, the brand offered a traditional proposal for the wedding dress models of the 2021 collection, with princess silhouettes, evasive cuts and in A, also bet on elements that would break this classic aesthetic delicatelyThis may be very interesting for brides who wish to follow some traditions to the letter, but also wish to impose on the look of the day its most contemporary and authentic characteristics.

It’s the case of the mermaid dress model who got an extra accessory: it was accompanied by a short jacket, of the same material, breaking the angelic air with a certain touch rock n’roll. Besides being charming, this combination is also practical for bonding in environments where it makes a mild climate and then cold, or for brides who wish to hide the neckline out of respect, during the religious ceremony.

And that wasn’t the only item that played with the brand’s originality in the collection. Justin Alexander Signature has also invested in a second removable skirt, which acts as a tailon one of the dresses. The flying effect guarantees the romanticism of the garment, produced in silk and lace embroidery.

Different models

The collection with many models with the sensual mermaid silhouette, but did not leave out the princess wedding dresses, always dear among women. And in the 2021 season you can find a wedding pants model, complemented by a “blazer cover”, with long sleeves and front slit (showing the pants). The whole set was made in mikado silk, which guarantees the impeccable structure of the model.


The skirts have been given covers and in some of the models they worked independently of the bodice, with different fabrics. And, so that the whole set was in harmony, the necklines – of the most varied – were also made with every whim. O heart neckline was the focus of the 2021 season, but it was worked on in several wayswith tattoo lace effect, with smooth and structured fabric, lacy, with brocade and textures. The collection also included models that hopefully fall, conoa and V-shaped, always in harmonic combination with the whole dress.

The Justin Alexander Group is one of the most important companies in the nuptial market globally, and its Signature brand follows the standard of luxury and quality that placed the brand among the first. The 2021 collection gives women back the search for a princess look, with tiaras for wedding hairstyles, cloaks, glitter… But all this far from the clichĂ©, because the brand understands both the tastes and the contemporary female body, and appreciates this mixture, interesting and delicate.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? đź‘°

We help you find it in our catalog

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