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Winter wedding 50 long sleeved dresses to warm up your day
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Winter wedding? 50 long-sleeved dresses to warm up your day

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From mid-June the southern hemisphere is preparing for the arrival of winter, and couples who already have their date set for this season, in addition to enjoying this cooler and colder weather, should also adapt the entire event to the season, thinking from a wedding decoration that keeps the charm of a wedding party, through all the details of the organization, and this applies especially to wedding costumes.

Both the sets worn by the bride and groom should be in harmony with the weather, and the long sleeves on the dress can be the crucial element that will keep the protagonists warm and yet add charm and elegance to the look. They can be worn in various types of ceremonies, from the most traditional to the most relaxed, with a touch of bohemianIt all depends on the model you choose, the fabric and the accessories that will make up the set.

The style and climate

To choose the model of wedding dress it is always advisable to carefully analyze the place where the ceremony will take place, and the season in which it will take place. In general, the Brazil has a tropical climate, but it changes from year to year and even in each region. If you are going to get married in a place like cities in the South and Southeast of the country, where in winter there are really low temperatures, long-sleeved dresses with thicker and more structured fabrics end up being the best alternative.

Another option if you are still not sure how the temperature will be, since some regions are more unstable, are the sleeve dresses ¾, which offer the same elegance as the long sleeve, but they’re a little coolerand can also be combined with accessories for the cold.

Variety of models

Although the long sleeves are the common point of the gallery dresses, there are several models and styles, which can be adapted to the type of ceremony and visual identity of the whole event. If your party will have a rustic wedding decoration, in the countryside, a shirt-style dress, lighter and laceit’ll be a sure bet. If you are this bride bohoThe hippie aesthetics, which is enchanted by the hippie aesthetics, can invest without fear in this sleeve style, appreciating the fluid and transparent fabrics.

For the more modern and less traditional brides, the mixture of textures and materials is very interesting. Although it is spectacular, you can try to replace the traditional lace bridal gown with something more daring: a flat, straight cut and minimalist specimen, and invest in a white bridal shoe with the same aesthetics, high heel and design clean.

For the more traditional ones, a mermaid dress with long sleeves with effect tattoo lace is ideal. Remember that: lace and tulle sleeves are always a flagship when it comes to wedding costumes, it is an extremely delicate fabric and its transparency completes the delicate and romantic tone of wedding parties.

Brides with curves

For curvy brides, long-sleeved plus size wedding dresses are also an incredible alternative. By choosing the ideal neckline model, such as the V-neck, which helps to enhance the neck, or the canoe neckline for those who opt for a mermaid-cut dress, you will be ready to shine in the centre of the party.

Versatility of long sleeves

The long sleeve is perfect for all bridal styles and, unlike one might think at first, it is not an element that makes the costume more serious, quite the contrary. It is possible to play with different types, such as poet sleeve, bell mouth sleeve or butterfly sleevewhich makes the dress much more daring. And there is no need to worry about mobility either, as the sleeves are made with such care.

Some points are fundamental to take into account when “hitting the hammer” for the dress you will be wearing, and the ideal is that it is in accordance with the climate and your personality. And after getting inspired by the gallery we’ve prepared, it’s time to move on to a very pleasant part in choosing the bride’s look: the selection of accessories, once you’re comfortable with the option for the outfit! It will be fun to decide on your wedding shoe and other details, the moment to let loose your most creative side!

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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