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Zavana Bridal Wedding Dresses meet the 2020 collection
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Zavana Bridal Wedding Dresses: meet the 2020 collection

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If you’ve seen hundreds of wedding dresses and still can’t fall in love with any, stay calm. There’s no reason to get desperate. Zavana Bridal has launched its 2020 luxury wedding fashion collection and it will be hard not to fall in love with any of the models. After checking out the photos, we’re sure you’ll be able to see yourself beautiful inside one of them going up to the altar. The flowing and extremely tasteful handmade pieces are a signature of the Australian brand. Prepare the handkerchief to start drooling and already start thinking about the wedding hairstyles that best suit your choice.

Extravagance in the measure

Never heard of the brand? Then we’ll introduce you. Zavana Bridal was created in 2015 with the mission of designing dresses for fancy brides who want to impact their big day with elegance and balance, leaving the layers and more layers for the simple wedding cake! After all, no one wants to get the guests’ attention for the wrong reasons.

Lightness and sensuality

For this, the workshop invests in lace, stones and glitter, but without weighing down the details. Everything is designed to promote the best balance in the bride’s silhouette. The designs of the brand use light and transparent fabrics, in addition to investing in necklines. Each piece is designed to give the bride a sexy and jovial look, without making her ordinary.

Long in vogue

Now that we’ve piqued your curiosity, let’s stick to Zavana Bridal’s 2020 collection. This year’s big bet is on the long models. Sleeveless, with V-necklines and A-cut or mermaid skirtsThe models that bring these predicates together dominate the brand’s macaws. Trends that never go out of fashion, will match perfectly with wedding flowers, whatever they are.

Beauty and comfort

Each dress is handmade with the finest materials and properly decorated with exquisite lace, stones, pearls and other details in refined and complex designs. Everything is millimetrically calculated and produced for the best body fit and comfort on the day of the ceremony. So much refinement will yield praise or even short love sentences to your good taste even for those who will not exchange alliances with you on the day.

Off the curve

There are also pieces with shoulder to shoulder neckline, with sleeves, straight cut skirts, empire or princess for those who prefer to escape the trends listed in the previous topic, without demerit to the desired luxurious air. Also belted, most of them have tails long enough to clash the floorbut without disturbing him.

“Nudity” with refinement

The contrast between fabric and skin is one of the highlights of the collection. Back, shoulders, back, arms and neck are valued by the models. The upper part of the dresses has a tighter and dryer cut, leaving a lot of skin to show. Who wants to increase and call more attention to these regions can invest in jewellery without fear.

Volume and style

At the bottom, the volume was welcome. On the dresses in cut A, the fabric already gives the fluidity from the waist, in a look more girlish. On the other hand, in those who have a mermaid silhouette, the fold between the hip with the most marked lower opening highlights a beautiful hourglass design that enhances the woman under the clothes.

If by some miracle you still don’t feel confident in choosing a real Zavana Bridal to be your wedding dress, try checking the reviews of those who have made this decision. There are even those who declare themselves more in love with the outfit than the pair themselves! The quality and beauty are undeniable, besides leaving any wedding decoration, however beautiful and elegant it may be, in the background.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

Find out and request a quote

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