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Make B Lip Oil Sun Hit – more than lip gloss effect

THE Make B Lip Oil Sun Hit by O Boticário it was one of my good purchases in 2020, in fact, I took advantage of the promotion and gained beauty combined with care.

In general the gloss is on the rise and this time it is not only being used on the lips, but also to bring the wet look to the shade. However, I believe that specifics for this purpose already exist.

However, we know that when it comes to makeup, that maxim is always applied, “Who does not have dog, hunts with cat.”

This is in line with the movement that is getting stronger and stronger, whose intention is to take advantage of a make-up item for various functions other than just yours, such as lipstick like blush, eyeshadow, etc.

I think it is very valid because it is possible to make the most of the potential of each make-up item and often favors drying the case.

I bought Make B Lip Oil Sun Hit I think in August and since then I am always using it, despite the pandemic, as I have already said a few times, that I use my make-up even at home, in fact I don’t need special occasions to use it, just just feel .

And no, I’m not a slave to makeup, so that means that, possibly if I ever find myself out there, post pandemic, I may have a clean face.

Now before I talk about this beauty, I want to tell you, everything that enslaves is not good, so make this reflection and be well with yourself.

Make B Lip Oil Sun Hit

  Make B. Lip Oil Sun Hit O Boticário

THE Make B Lip Oil Sun Hit O Boticário is a powerful lip moisturizer that at the same time provides a shiny finish.

The transparent golden cap packaging contains 3.7 ml and costs R $ 49.90, but at the time of this post it is discounted and leaving for R $ 39.90 on the brand’s e-commerce.

The liquid is colorless, has practically no smell or taste.

According to Boticário, the Lip Oil Sun Hit leaves lips with natural and healthy effect. In addition it can be used alone or over lipstick, giving it that more glam result, with shine.

The texture is neither thick nor so fluid, allowing it to spread quite easily, donating the gloss effect and not dripping.

Its formula has powerful extracts and oils that offer soothing action to the lips, in addition to vitamin E, powerful anti-toxicity.

Other characteristics that come to add are: being vegan and crueltyfree.

The applicator is the common one in gloss, very practical and quiet when applying.

  Make B. Lip Oil Sun Hit


I’m using the Make B Lip Oil Sun Hit always, because it has pleased me a lot with its super light texture is very comfortable.

Although it provides the effect of lip gloss, it does not have the texture of gloss, in my perception it is a differentiated product, thinner.

It is a moisturizing lip oil, but it does not have that oily or sticky feeling on the lips, it is undeniably very pleasant to use.

Besides, its moisturizing function is very good, the lips are super beautiful, because besides the glow it keeps you healthy.

The duration is the normal for this type of product, ate, drank it goes out, however its reapplication is simple and you can do it as many times as necessary.

Recently my lips have not been dry, with little hairs and much less cracked,

Certainly the Lip Oil Sun Hit has a good share of contribution.

I have used it more alone, directly on the lips and during the day,

However, it guarantees a very beautiful effect and finish on the lipstick, without any impediment to be used at night.

I think it’s really cool to be able to use it both ways and still guarantee hydrated, beautiful, soft and healthy lips.

# Versatility

Therefore, it is a versatile product that can be used at any time of the year, it helps to enhance the bronze in the summer and to overcome the dryness caused by the cold and dry winter climate.

However, I must emphasize that he does not perform lip restoration, despite hydrating well, in more extreme cases it is necessary to have more power options.

However it is a powerful ally of beauty and a very interesting item to have in the necessaire, after all it is a lip moisturizer with a gloss finish.

As I mentioned earlier, the Lip Oil Sun Hit won me over for being that make that not only brings beauty but also combines care.

Now tell me, have you ever used any kind of product? Did you like this proposal?

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