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My Amaro shoes – come take a look and see if they are good

You Amaro shoes started to come into my life since mid 2019, but it was in the beginning of 2020 that I really played with desire in several pairs.

For those who do not know, the Amaro is an online store for women’s fashion, beauty products, wellness and home.

However, they have the proposal of the physical stores (guide shop) so that you can see, try the pieces and place your order online.

Highlighting that, purchases are made only on e-commerce, right?

So, I really like the brand’s clothes, they have good quality, in addition to incredible models.

By the way, they are pieces that accompany fashion, but at the same time they have a long life in the wardrobe, I have several, any time of these post the looks.

But, back to shoes.

First, I bought a flat sandal, a mule and a medium-heeled sandal, I really wanted to try it, after all I saw beautiful models, however, I confess I was even with my foot behind…

… because when it comes to footwear, my thin, thin foot with an index finger bigger than the thumb is a bit flat, I would say it’s very complicated without trying it on.

But, the important thing was that in the end everything went well and seriously, I was completely in love, mainly with the flat strip, which I still use today.

# First Amaro shoes I bought

Amaro shoesStrips

Mule animal print

It is a fact that I have a preference for flat shoes such as flat shoes and sneakers, precisely because it is what I wear most every day.

So, this stylish little flat shoe, together with the mule, which I was longing for, conquered me, right off the bat, completely, both for beauty and comfort.

What to talk about flat strips? She is perfect, pure comfort, I regret not having bought two, with her the casual comfy gains prominence and personality.

You know, that beautiful, comfortable and versatile shoe that always keeps you tidy? So, this is mule animal print with a pointed beak. Home office ok!

It is the key item to leave my home looks with fashion mood, even the sweatshirt.

I found this black and white sandal with ankle strap beautiful and very wild, in addition the heel is not as high or thin (it’s flare).

She pants very well, adding to that we have the comfort and the sexy touch.

So there were 3 good experiences right away.

It made me very comfortable and safe to buy more Amaro shoesafter all, the first 3 worked very well.

Although, if it didn’t work out, I could make the switch without any problems.

Amaro Shoes

Every week new items arrive at Amaro and it is no different with shoes.

In addition, they have many promotions and sometimes discount coupons, so I am always watching and of course, I take advantage!

# Boots

Then I bought two boots, look!

Amaro shoes - boots

The booties are beautiful, both are low-top and very comfortable, they match everything, including dresses, but with the pandemic I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it yet! 😩.

THE chelsea white boot it became a hit in 2019 and continues, whoever joined and fell in love, has already inserted it among their top shoes.

The boot textures animal print (black) is just a charm, I hope that now with the vaccine coming I will be able to go around with her in stunning looks.

Did you also buy something before the pandemic and were unable to use it?

# Sneakers

Amaro shoes

That slip on animal print is very companion, with jeans it is perfect 👍.

The caramel cow print looks like it has fur, the most beautiful and striking thing, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

I really like this print on accessories, because I find it easier to use. I’m a very tenislovers !! 🥰

Do you like animal print? Do you prefer clothes or accessories?

Passion defines! Comfortable and stylish 🥰 is this sneaker with marsala cutouts.

The few times I need to go out I wear sneakers, for practicality, safety and a warm hug to whoever he gives the foot to, very fair for those who support the body all day.

With tennis I feel protected!

# Rasteirinhas

On hot days, they reign, as they bring a lot of freshness to the feet. So they are the summer favorites.

And modesty aside, I made varied and incredible choices!

Cross straps with snake print and leaf beak. Isn’t it a beauty ??

The bug is loose around here, I adhered and threw myself hard! Who likes animal print, always finds a way to bring to the looks.

A jaguar-print gladiator, the differential of this flat shoe is the square tip that is the face of the hottest season of the year!

Have you joined a trend recently, like puff sleeves, godê shorts, muscle teen, slouchy pants, jogger, mom etc?

The most basic black raster 🥰, but not so much, with thin straps, buckles and a square tip. This one accompanied me in the election. I’m glad it didn’t rain!

Having shoes with neutral colors is good for making those more colorful or printed compositions that ask for more discreet feet.

# Jump

If I’m going to wear heels, let it be thick heels, I don’t adapt to the thin ones. 😉

I love sneakers, flat shoes, but I also like a heel, but I like the square heel, the thick heel, in block, as they are more comfortable, in addition to offering greater stability. 👠.

This caramel sandal with super flare heel is a luxury, it favors my short stature. Hahaha…

And do you like jumping? What is your favorite?

# Sneaker

Pointed toe sneaker with shell detail, I found it very beachy, with a more rustic vibe, a lot of summer footprint.

In addition to finding a beauty, I liked the bracelet on the ankle, so it doesn’t stick out of the foot.

Anyway, I was very happy with my Amaro shoes, there is a little bit of everything, I bought them all in my size, which is 36, and they were perfect.

As I said, some have already used it, I am using it and others are waiting for the freedom and occasion to be put into play.

Have you bought any shoes in the last year? Did you use it? Which of my choices did you like the most? Have you already bought at Amaro?



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