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Makeup for 2021 – What will be on the rise

Makeup for 2021 ?? Yea!!! Although we are still in the middle of a pandemic, the coronavirus does not give up, we are already more hopeful, as the vaccine is already a reality.

Maybe you think, but makeup for 2021? As well? Are we still going to keep wearing a mask and need to keep the distance?

So it is true. However, we can do makeup to participate in lives, remote work, online conferences, even for those who love make-up and want to do it to stay at home.

Things remain different, the new normal is now normal, masks and most of covid’s measures and protocols should be incorporated into our lives going forward.

However, we must maintain our routines and if the makeup is part of her friend, ball forward. Let’s see what’s next with the help of a makeup artist.

Makeup artist Jéssica Bittencourt (@sigajessy) listed what will be a fever in the beauty area this year that is just beginning.

makeup for 2021Jessica Bittencourt (@sigajessy)

And of course, we’re already dying to know. Especially because many are assembling their necessaire spring / summer and autumn / winter and all the tips that can help are very valuable.

Makeup for 2021 – trends

makeup trends for 2021The past year may not have given us any reason to wear makeup, but can we be positive for just a second and think about all the makeup looks we intend to wear in 2021?

With things like a mask and stressed skin, makeup may have been one of the last priorities on your 2020 agenda, although for some it worked as an escape valve and helps improve self-esteem.

Anyway, we are already warning you about next year’s trends, which are definitely making us even more excited to play with our beauty stock.

#Fresh, natural looking skin

Keeping the skin looking fresh despite the stress of 2020 has been everyone’s biggest challenge.

Professional makeup artist Jéssica Bittencourt says that one of her biggest trend predictions is simply clean, hydrated and natural skin.

“THE natural skin tends to be trend in 2021. But the eyes will have their moment, which makes perfect sense if we’re still wearing masks, the colored outline and the wet shadow with complementary colors will be present next year ”, he says.

Incidentally, see seven makeup trends for 2021.

Colored Outline

Colored OutlinePhotos: @akuacthiep and @nahcardoso

The makeup product lines are increasingly committed to diversifying the color chart of their eyeliner.

This is because one of the main trends of this coming year is the colored outline, who not only won the hearts of makeup bloggers, but also of those who love a creative detail in production.

However, the white outlined continues with force, see incredible ideas here.

Elaborate outline

outlinedPhoto: Larissa Manoela (@larissamanoela)

elaborate outlineImage: Tamara Williams (@ tamarawilliams1)

For those who want to draw a little more attention to the look and like to dare, you can bet on the designs that in the past only printed magazine covers, conceptual photo essays and fashion week catwalks.

They can be black, colored, start in the inner corner of the eye or simply have no beginning or end

So, the important thing is to use your imagination and a little knowledge about your type of look structure, so as not to end up having an unwanted effect.

Natural and wet gradient mouth

makeup for 2021Instagram @johannaeolsson

What marks this trend is the impression of “I didn’t spend anything”.

Photo: @queenamii

So, it’s great to include in everyday makeup or in productions that don’t want to draw attention to the mouth.

This leaves the traditional nude matte.

Wet skin and fake freckles

makeups for 2021Photo: Shanina Shaik (@shaninamshaik)

Poor matte is increasingly losing its glamor.

The wet skin effect does not have a sparkling appearance, like most illuminators.

But rather a glamorous super chic glamor that should be used sparingly on the face, as it can often be mistaken for oiliness.

Marrying this technique with fake freckles is a success! The union will last until the make-up remover separates them.

Soap Brows

@Serahpuddy image

The translation is not very nice in Portuguese, but the darling eyebrow in 2021 will be made with soap.

Although, there are already specific products for this, but Glycerin soap is used a lot with a makeup fixing fluid, which will help brush your eyebrows up to make them look very far from the traditional lined and marked design.

Wet eyeshadow with complementary colors

makeup 2021Photo 2: @ d.aleksandria

Complementary colors are those that are in opposite positions in the chromatic circle.

And they will often also be opposite in the elaborations of the shadow.

For example: an orange color marking the inner corner and a blue one on the outer corner of the eye, or a Fuchsia shade across the eye contrasting with a lime green shade at the bottom of the eyes.

Watered with a lot of Gloss, that’s right! The one we put in the mouth.

However, a little bird told me that specific products will be launched so that some problems such as Gloss running down and making it difficult to stick false eyelashes are avoided.

Bases of low to medium coverage

Makeup 2021Image: Giovanna Antonelli

Photo: Taylor Hill

This year will be marked by the display of good skin.

Therefore, investment in skin care products has increased and with that people no longer want to hide what they took to achieve.

In fact, on second thought, it doesn’t make sense to hide this merit under heavy products and with very high coverage, does it not?

Even the bases are increasingly coming with anti-oxidant actives that promote hydration.

Leaving high coverage and not bothering to show a spot or two, will be a way to adhere to what matters most: the health of your skin!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tips, choose the ones you identify with and play with the makes.

What’s more, it’s just trends and it’s up to you to decide whether to play and use it or not.

After all, we should use what makes us feel good and beautiful.

# Want more makeup tips?

So, see incredible ideas in the category More Makeup.

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