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Tokyo OPI Nail Lacquer Collection Hurry Juku Get This Color
Home » Tokyo OPI Nail Lacquer Collection – Hurry-Juku Get This Color Nail Polish is vibrant

Tokyo OPI Nail Lacquer Collection – Hurry-Juku Get This Color Nail Polish is vibrant

THE Tokyo Nail Collection Lacquer OPI Nail was launched in spring 2019.

The purpose of which was to bring 12 jars to give wings to the imagination and create the most fun and colorful nail arts, a tribute to Tokyo, a modern, revolutionary and trend-filled city.

OPI is an American brand that is marketed in several countries, including here in terra brasilis. Therefore, because it is imported, it is not those cheap nail polishes that we find in any corner.

However, there are several stores where they are available and with the increase in online stores it is very easy to find, just give a Google.

The bottles resemble a small plug and contain 15 ml, practically double the national enamels and cost on average 36.90.

The color chart of the Tokyo OPI Nail Lacquer Collection is very varied, ranging from vibrant tones to pastels, which pleases in addition to adding style to the looks.

You may not believe it, but my OPI nail polish came as a gift in a Glamor magazine, in fact this magazine always brings nice treats to its readers.

Usually, I end up buying the magazine at a newsstand close to home and enjoying both the content and the goodies.

So, it seems to me that subscribers do not receive the gifts, if you know please comment there to let us know.

The enamel of Tokyo OPI Nail Lacquer collection that I received was the Hurry-Juku Get This Color.

If I tell you that this is the first nail polish I use, do you believe it? And look at all these years I’ve used a lot of nail polish !!

But, the fact is that we have a diversity of brands and there are nails right !! We undeniably love all this, the more the better, I look forward to the news and collections.

Tokyo OPI Nail Lacquer Collection – Hurry-Juku Get This Color

Tokyo OPI Nail Lacquer Collection

Hurry-Juku Get This Color is part of Tokyo Nail Lacquer OPI Nail collection, it’s a creamy enamel, it is a very beautiful vibrant pink, to be more exact a beautiful fuchsia.

The color on the nails is very true to what we see on the bottle.

Hurry-Juku Get This Color has a fluid and super pigment formula.

That way he can already offer good coverage with just one layer, although I like and use both, because I think it gives that sealed in color, it is full, complete, perfect.

But, of course, you can use the amount of coat you prefer, which you are used to.

It has good spreadability, being distributed evenly, without staining the nails.

Nail durability is normal, 3 to 5 days, depends a lot on your routine activities.

While the drying is super fast, which I really liked, because I am the owner of smudging my nails as soon as I finish painting them.

On the other hand, it has a natural shine that does not require extra shine (top coat), this must be used to increase its permanence in the nails.

# Brush

OPI Hurry-Juku Nail Polish Get This Color

Honestly, I found the common brush, simple, I even expected a different design, due to the fame of the brand, but in return it is good, it leaves nothing to be desired.

We can say that it embraces the nail lovingly giving precision and making the strokes very smooth.

I only say, if you are one of those skilled at the time of doing the manicure, it won’t even smudge, guaranteeing a first-rate enamel.

So sometimes, when I’m more patient, I can and I feel, it even works as a therapy, focus and dive into color.

Tokyo OPI Nail Lacquer Collection - Hurry-Juku Nail Polish Get This Color

It is important to say that nail polishes gives OPI Do not have toluene, formaldehyde and DBP, in addition, its formulas are hypoallergenic.

So, they end up being more of an option for allergy sufferers or for those who do not use nail polish with these substances, I believe that nowadays it is practically a requirement of most of us.

In fact it is worth noting that in addition to nail polishes, OPI has a line of care for nails, already has some products that I am looking at.

Anyway. I loved having another brand in the hall of my tested, I hope it will be the first of many.

Now tell me, did you like that color? Have you used any branded product?

# Where to find

  • Amazon
  • Season Cosmetics
  • Damn Ray
  • Beauty on the Web
  • American stores
  • Sephora

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