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100 floral printed party dresses perfect bet for guests
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100 floral printed party dresses: perfect bet for guests

The universe fashion works in cycles, which applies to modeling, cutting and color. Some prints of clothes go in and out of fashion, and some are still a trend after a few years following this constant movement. Among so many options, floral prints are never obsolete, especially when it comes to party dresses, and that’s exactly why they may be the right bet for those who have just received a wedding invitation and still don’t know which clothes to choose.

What’s more, if the protagonist of the day can find an endless variety of wedding dress models, you will also have a multitude of options at your disposal to perfectly match your style and accessories.


If there is one advantage to clothes with flowered patterns it is their versatility. They can be worn at events during the day and at night, having to be combined only with different accessories. And the same goes for wedding parties. Those that happen at night, in closed environments and with simple and elegant wedding decoration, usually ask for long party dresses, and the florals have the sophistication that the guest needs. This is clear in models from brands such as Rosa Clará, Ida Torez and Pronovias, which, for the next seasons invested in classic flowers, both dark and light, betting on more structured fabrics.

If you have been invited to an outdoor party, and still during the day, you can invest in a short or mydium party dress (the perfect length to be worn on several occasions), with flower prints on lighter and preferably light fabrics, as presented by Marfil Barcelona. And even the longest specimens can look light, with flowers only on the bodice or skirt, with more tropical and even flying shades, with a perfect fluidity for summer bonds. This same dress can be found in blue, for parties that ask for more reserved colors.

Adaptable to day C style

The dresses can be lighter or darker, just keep in mind that if the flowers are in dark tones, to balance, it is recommended that the background of the fabric is lighter, and vice versa. Or if you have opted for florals that don’t differ much from the background, it is interesting to choose dresses that play with texturesone of the trends most used by designers in the latest collections.

And the colors always depend on the style of the event to which she was invited. A beach connection, with simple wedding decoration and nautical elements, for example, does not match a sober floral, in almost funeral tones. See what kind of party and try to make your look as good as it getswhich includes make-up and accessories.

Boldness in flowers

Many designers have launched their collections with the floral as the protagonist print and, although it is considered a classic, many of these models have nothing conventional, on the contrary. To escape from the conventional floral, designers lay hands on more daring aesthetics in their party models, using asymmetric slits, cuts and necklines and applied details such as 3D flowers on fabric, transparencies, textures and layers. And still others mix some of these elements to create really exclusive and extravagant pieces, having the floral as the star.

And if you want a different model, but still flirt with a romantic air, it is also possible to find models with princess silhouette and others with retro toucheswhich, paradoxically, the most modern guests will love.

The great advantage for those who invest in a floral party dress model is the certainty that this print is timeless, and that it can be worn on different occasions, which will save you a lot for the next events. And now that you know better about the style you can adopt, how about thinking about the wedding hairstyle you will wear on C-day of your friends?

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