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75 Blue Flower Bouquets fall in love with that tone
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75 Blue Flower Bouquets: fall in love with that tone

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Blue conveys harmony and tranquility and therefore becomes one of the main colour choices for wedding decoration. The blue colour is cold, combines with all the other equally cold shades (like violet and green) and balances the warm colours in the compositions. This colour can appear on the bride and groom’s outfit, such as the tie, shirt or suit itself, and for women it can be placed in details such as jewellery, tiaras and, of course, the bouquet of flowers. Having something blue on the day of the engagement, which for many means luck, stands out and matches perfectly with the white or nude of the wedding dress.

Best of all, there are many options for the branch with one type of flower or several species that decorate with the different styles of celebrations. If you love the shades of blue, take the opportunity to enchant yourself and discover the perfect blue bouquet for your C-day.

Natural blue

The hydrangeas are the champions in this matter of an all-natural bouquet. The plant itself has several flowers forming a branch by itself. Although other bluish types are not so common, there are species that can be ordered and have such a characteristic, you can see how to make a wedding bouquet in that tone, using other species like blue centaur, myosote and hyacinth.

Some can be colored to get the color or genetically modified to be born blue, like roses and orchids. It can be further increased with bluish foliage to intensify the monochromatic effect of the arrangement.


Classic brides can choose the traditional, round-shaped models composed of flowers of a single species such as blue roses. That kind of bouquet can be enhanced with medals, brooches and pearls.


As we always advise the use of pastel tones for a romantic composition, in the case of the bouquet it would be no different. It is also possible to mix other shade of blue (pastels) or other colours, to create a delicate arrangement and vintageideal for fans of this aesthetic, and the same advice goes for blue suits. Guests, for example, who opt for a blue party dress should also take this care with color harmony.


A inspiration comes from the color of the sea, blue and white are the preferred ones for unions that happen on the beachThese colors are present in the natural scenery, in the blue wedding decoration and invitations, and you can even opt for the predominance of white in the branch, if the link has this lighter atmosphere.

The bride who wants to carry that color until she reaches the altar can wear flowers and leaves of tropical species, such as orchids and blue delphiniums. Bringing different species together generates a more stripped down production with varied shades of blue for a deconstructed bouquet.


For a rustic arrangement with wild airs, the most recommended is that make use of other warm colors to go with the blue. The yellow, pink and small flowers (lavender and are guaranteed choices when assembling a bouquet of flowers from the field with the presence of blue. For the link in the field, compose the blue with warm colors, such as yellow, red and pink, creates a rustic and elegant bouquet. The mosquito is very welcome, among other small flowers like lavender.

Blue dots

If you want a smoother look, the ideal is to make use of color in some details of the bouquet. In this case, blue may be present on some flowers or even on the satin ribbon surrounding the flower stems.

We recommend having watch out if blue will only enter the bouquet or if you have chosen to have the colour in other details as well of the look, as in the colored bridal shoe, so that the wedding set doesn’t get too loaded, unless the color is indispensable for you because what counts is your taste at the end.

The wedding decoration can follow in the palette of shades of blue. For an effect that highlights the bouquet, just choose light colors for the branch and strong colors for the arrangements of the path of the altar and tables or the reverse, ie dark blue for the bouquet while light blue predominates in decor. Check out the photos of flower bouquets in the gallery, remembering that the color of the year 2020 chosen by the Pantone Institute is the Classic Blue (Classic blue) that inspires calm, confidence and connectivity.

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