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100 ideal models for the protagonists feet
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100 ideal models for the protagonist’s feet

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One of the most desired types of wedding shoes is the sandal, a model that leaves the feet more exposed, that provides more freshness and that can also adapt to the most varied party styles. And that’s not all: some styles of sandals stretch the silhouette and make the legs of the most beautiful women. Democratic, there are several styles to suit all tastes, combine with the most varied wedding dresses and still fit the floor of the place where the celebration takes place, which can even be grass or on the beach.

If you are in doubt about putting a sandal on your C-day or the models you will be wearing, check out our gallery and keep in mind all the options of sandals that can contemplate your personal style.

Different models

A thin strap on the horizontal near the fingers, with another strap securing the ankle with a small buckle, and a finish on the back, at the heel. Thin heel high, medium or low. This model varies according to colors and details, can have stones, flowers and lots of glitter. It’s the most popular among brides, especially in white.

A more elaborate version of the classic. The straps on the fingers and ankle can cross or have several straps. Generally the heel is thin or thick high.

You can have a strap upright by connecting the ankle strap to the one on your fingers. That strap you can have glowing details to adorn your instep.

Almost a shoe, with the difference that it’s opened in the fingers, so it’s closed at the back and side. Gives more stability to the floor.

The most comfortable model for having a platform that supports the sole of the foot making the heel high without the discomfort of forcing too much of the curvature of the foot. There are variations with strips and details.

  • Block jump and thick strip

It’s fashionable to do this kind of medium or low block jump, for those who don’t like or don’t want to wear high heels on the big day. The thick strap can also be more comfortable on the fingers.

The more informal model with cork or wood heel takes the whole surface of the sandal. It’s also comfortable and stable when stepping. Just make sure the model doesn’t get too simple in the midst of elegant wedding decor and a thinner dress.

It’s an open shoe trend in the back, the type of just sticking your foot in, and may be the perfect option for a seaside wedding. For the brides, the model comes with thick strips on the chest of the foot and the block heel.

Brides can choose to marry without jump and with much style. Even if they don’t have any heels, they can gain other attractions, like thin strips in a bridal version, with lots of stones, glitter and flowers as props.


In an imposing celebration such as a wedding, it is natural to stand for a long time, especially if you are the star of the party. Greetings, dances, make-up touches, photos, are many tasks to perform. That is why it is essential that, at the same time, you want to be impeccable on the big day and also quite comfortable.

How to choose according to the place

The ceremony and reception places influence the choice of the sandal because the objective is that the bride feels elegant with comfort. If the liaison will take place in the country or at the beach and you will have to walk on sand or on grass, opt for footwear without heel or with a coarse heel for greater stability. If the floor is made of wood, cement or porcelain tiles in a salon or in the outdoor area, the fine or thick high heel can be used without fear, it only depends on how used you are to use it.

A tip is to try the sandal at the place where the party will be to see the ground and walk home tooto test if the sandal is new. The chosen model should keep the foot steady so that the weight of the body is well distributed and does not cause problems and pain. Give preference to non-slip sole to feel safe when I walk when I play the music from the wedding entrance to the end of the party.

Foot care

  • The sandals are open and the foot is more exposed, especially the fingers. That’s why, it is recommended to look for a pedicure to cut, sand, remove the cuticle and pass the enamel;
  • If the skin on the foot is dry, peeling, bad odors or cracks, it is recommended to make an appointment with a podiatrist;
  • Specific antiseptics and deodorants are good options to eliminate or prevent bad odors and perspiration;
  • Besides, exfoliate the sole of the foot once a week to remove excess skin and pass moisturizer are care that you can have at home;
  • Products with vitamin B3 and natural oils such as almonds, sunflower and mintare effective and refresh the feet

We also suggest that you have a second pair of more comfortable sandals for the time of the party or after-party, because you probably want to dance to a lot of wedding songs. This way, you won’t overload your feet and get a tired feeling the other day. And remember that this care the well-being of your feet should not last only on day C.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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