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Milla by Lorenzo Rossi collection

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The nuptial fashion brand Milla Nova has just launched the 2021 wedding dress collection in partnership with Lorenzo Rossi. The costume selection bets on deep slits and necklines to accentuate the women’s curves in richly detailed models with top quality materials. The minimalist designs, equally charming, are also included in the collection, which excels in a well marked and finely decorated silhouette. A walk through each of the photos in the catalogue makes you want to reproduce each of the looks, from feet to wedding hairstyles.

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Let’s start with the minimalist designs in the collection. The Travis model, with its canoe neckline partially leaves the bare back and shoulders off by dispensing with the sleeves. The haute couture used in it guarantees good structuring of the breasts and waist without the use of a corset. The long tail A skirt makes it worthy of royalty wardrobe.

Gabrielle, in his square neckline and thin straps, privileges the bust without revealing too much benefited by the romanticism of the princess court. Amandine offers glamour with incomparable sensuality in its solitary strap adorned by a maxi loop that rests on the shoulder and adorns from front to back, without the need for more details to take your breath away.

Details that make a difference

Still in the minimalist line, the Corrie model, in its sensual slit, and the Charilyn, with delicate flowers on the waist show how draperies can have different jobs that change the look and fall of clothingone being more provocative and flashy while the other is pure romanticism and candor. Georgette, with the dramatic long train, is a wedding dress that will hopefully fall also adorned by maxi bow that, by gaining lace shirt with long sleeves and high collar, acquires new dazzle, intention and impact. It is a great example of how pieces with a cleaner look, where less is more, are versatile in the possibilities of composition. It can be ravishing and romantic with the addition of just one piece.


Shine is one of the qualities of models like Irene, Jayden and Brie, among others. All three are mermaid dresses with some peculiarities that differentiate them. The first one has pearly effect and square neckline with embroidery and stonework all over it.

Jayden blends shine and embroidery with more or less intensity and concentration along the piece. It combines geometric and floral designs around the deep V-shaped neckline pronounced by the shoulder pads. The puffed sleeves still make an interesting contrast with the lines on the back of the dress that highlight the buttocks. The Brie, another long dress, has more homogeneous embroidery all over the garment. The décolleté, also in V-shaped, is suggested to be juxtaposed with a cover of equal transparency and texture.

Rich detailing

Thanks to the different types and sizes of branches that adorn it, Ingrid is an ethereal and glamorous dress at the same time. The shine, the snorting and transparent sleeves and the eye-catching neckline are also there, employed in a not at all obvious way in a proposal that pleases those who want to run away from white as the colour for the big day. Dominique and his lacy half inspired in floral forms, half in stained-glass windows, show all the technique and thoroughness of the collectionlike Daisy, with more spaced, solid and marked designs on the smooth fabric.

Fernanda’s V-neck is replicated on the sides. On the breasts, the finely stitched embroidery is followed at the top by lsteels that make the handles thin, transparent and bulky, but still extremely delicate.


Besides the beautiful V-necklines, shoulder to shoulder also appear to offer exquisite sensuality that dispenses with introductions. In Morgan, it appears splendid in the midst of applications that give texture, movement and volume in a divine look. In Arielle, the folding of the smooth fabric frames the neck before presenting the fine detailing concentrated on the back. The princess Melusina wedding dress provides within the shoulder-to-shoulder décolleté the accentuated V-shaped extension, whose sensual proposal is balanced with the sleeve dropped in thin, translucent fabric on the arms.

There are so many details in the whole collection that the ideal is to appreciate each one of the photos of wedding dresses of the brand with an attentive look, so that one understands the level of professionalism and thoroughness employed in it. One model is more beautiful than the other to such an extent that discussion and choice of the bride’s shoes will become a mere unimportant item in the impact they will make on the altar.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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