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101 party dresses in all shades of pink
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101 party dresses in all shades of pink

Associated with femininity and romanticism, the rose never goes out of fashion, especially when it comes to party dresses. The color refers to purity, beauty and tenderness, being a great choice for an occasion that cultivates the sweetness of life for two. Thus, it is also usually present in wedding decoration in its multiple shades. Its use in the women who were invited to the ceremony should observe the skin tone and ways of combining accessories for a charming look from head to toe.

And let it be clear: there are no contraindications to using the rose. But to have a more impactful effect, some tips can be followed for successful production. Let’s go get them.

Black and dark skin

The principle is simple: seek to give contrast so that the dress does not cause the sensation of discouragement, something that tends to happen in the medium shades of the rose. That’s why, light and warm background tones are usually better the darker the skin.

Those with a cold background don’t emphasize so much the black beauty, even in the sumptuous long party dresses. Powerful, the pink rose vibrates in a more special way over women with retinta black skinand the singer Iza is proof of this.

Light skin

The whiter the woman, the more advisable it is to use colors such as gum pink. This is because pale skin usually has a pink background that needs to be neutralized. A certain bluish dose plays this role well.

Who owns Yellower color can venture more into the card pulled to orange. Here again the vibrant options are welcome.


Floral themes are a classic of women’s costumes and many of them wear the rose. In this, it may appear as the dominant colour but not as the only colour in the garment. Among the suggested combinations are the baby blue and baby pink duo.

Being complementary to each other, this is the kind of clothing that dresses any woman, regardless of her skin type. Also try other themes with color, even if you are planning to go with a short party dress.

Bride Consultation

Tones too clear near white have been increasingly used by brides. So, before deciding on a rosé, it is important to find out from the protagonist of the party whether her dress will be in that tone, even partially. After all, as we all know, the worst failure to be invited to a wedding is to wear the same shade as the bride, being the most serious of the gaffes.


Pink being such a versatile colour, there is a wide range of possibilities in terms of combinations. Accessories, bands and shoes can come in complementary colors such as green and blue, or in more classical combinations such as silver and gold.

Even black and dark grey are great options, with some restrictions, especially for godmothers. As black is reminiscent of grief, it is preferable to use it in a homeopathic way. Wearing it on earrings, necklaces and bracelets may not bring dramabut in shoes it can be too much information. Tone on tone is also always an alternative for pink party dress models.


Common mistake for a colored dress is to do all the make-up in the same palette. Run away from that trap. The look ends monotonous and even a little demodé. Brown or pink complementary shades are the most accurate.

In general terms, the important thing is to be attentive to the most favorable color chart for each woman. Because not always choose your favorite color when choosing among the party dresses reproduces the best result. Context and the way you will be worn are equally important, and listening to a professional opinion can be as fundamental for choosing between wedding hairstyles as for the shade of costume that best suits you.

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