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inclusive and diverse bridal fashion

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It is not always easy to find among the wedding dresses models that are flattering with larger and more curved bodies. Fortunately, year after year this picture has been changed with clothing designers willing to promote a more inclusive and positive fashion over the countless female forms. With decades of delay, the available sizes have been expanded, in a similar movement that the footwear industry has been passing on in its portfolio of shoes for brides. But in this article we will focus on the plus size clothes for the big day.

É It is important to emphasize that it is the costume that has to fit the woman and not the other way round. That includes personality and personal taste. If there is one occasion when she should feel happy and satisfied with what she is wearing, it is marriage. So don’t shy away from wearing shapes, trimmings and details like frills, bows, flowers or beads for fear. There is no stopping her dream. There are so many body shapes and clothing designs available that everything becomes a matter of finding the right match. Next, we’ll give you some tips to make it easier to find it.

Empire belt

Any A-cut with an empire belt will be a wise choice. As the design tapers just below the bust line, from where the skirt falls, the formed silhouette is ideal for women who want more discreet wedding dresses. Multiple layers of fine fabric, such as tulle, give the look an ethereal effect.

Value your forms

The big secret to a nice dress is that he hugs it in the right places. Like this, a bride can accentuate her curves, helping to define them where it’s needed. Anyone who complains they don’t have a waist can count on the corset to create one. This will enhance the bottom of the outfit and also mark the hips beautifully.

Princess of the party

A princess wedding dress will help give highlights the superior area of women with pear body. That’s because he’ll be right in the top halfThe lower part is the smallest, and the lower part is adorned with abundant volume, in a proportion commensurate with the silhouette. If the body shape is so, use it to your advantage.

Mermaid effect

Curves are friends. A good tailor or seamstress knows that and will enhance them in the right proportion. Starting the opening of the mermaid dress just above the knees or in the middle of the thigh gives the illusion of longer legs. Another tip is to use organza outfits, which look great on the larger bodies.


Yeah, cracks. Why not? It’s a element that visually stretches the legs and the look in general, making the set longer. It’s perfect for the bride who wants to look sexy and let her confident personality show. Combined with a more conservative back closure, the room brings drama to the walk.

Closed neckline

Closed or high collar, including the illusion type, stretches the neck and the proportion in the upper half of the clothing. But that doesn’t mean the woman has to be all wrapped up in fabric, from foot to head. Try on wedding dress models with such a characteristic that have no sleeves or have a neckline on their back and a medium size. Each body is a different body, with unique peculiarities. At times, elements that could be perceived as inappropriate to your silhouette may end up surprising at the time of the test.

Jumpsuits bridal

You can stay beautiful and comfortable at the same time and the jumpsuits (overalls) are proof of this. They are practical and they dress well a lot of shapes. This type of piece structures the body in a way that no dress will, defining the belly and stretching the legs in a more natural way.

Shoulder to shoulder dress

A long suit that leaves only the shoulders out draws attention to the area. E showing skin in this area is definitely something sensual. If attached to the décolletage, the frills give a charm extra by increasing the volume of the lap. This means a better proportion with the rest of the body in women with large hips and buttocks.

Escape from very malleable fabrics

Thin, malleable fabrics, such as silk and chiffon, tend to enlarge every little detail, including cellulite and other imperfections that every bride has. Taffeta, organza, lace and duchess satin are more flattering cloth options.

So many examples serve to show that there is no problem with larger bodies, and it is fashionable to value their strengths within wedding dresses. Therefore, it’s up to the plus size women to ask for cuts that are in accordance with their expectations and measurements. After all, a woman at ease with her wedding hairstyle and look cannot but emanate beauty to its full potential.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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