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101 Princess Wedding Dresses for you to fall in love
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101 Princess Wedding Dresses for you to fall in love

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Rare is the woman who has never imagined herself inside one of the princess wedding dresses. This style of silhouette permeates the collective unconscious when one thinks of traditional female dress and is reinforced by Disney children’s films as a model of the bridal gown of the female characters that make up royalty. Well-actuated and with a very voluminous skirt, it is imposing, grandiose and romantic. Therefore, it is an effect that is usually replicated also in party dresses with great success, and has enormous demand. It is a traditional cut that values every kind of body.

Table of Contents

Timeless model

It is common for members of the residual monarchies in the world to choose this type of dress when going up to the altar. One of the most iconic is still Princess Diana’s, with puffed sleeves and frills on your lap, which is still remembered by many subjects and subjects decades after you appeared on TV.

After years of Lady Di’s death, her daughter-in-law and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, went to the altar in a similar style. The upper part, however, had a slimmer appearance, with details in lace and some transparency, almost an antithesis of that used by Prince William’s mother. This kind of comparison serves to show us that, although fashion trends change year by year, the princess dress itself is as right as timeless.

Top half help in tone

The extra dose of drama, sensuality or romanticism given to the cut, depending on the desired impact, can be achieved in choice of neckline, the existence or not of the sleeves and the length itself of the outfit. Investigate in your body which combination of these elements you consider the most appropriate in view of the theme of the celebration.

Kick-ass tails

Most of the available princess wedding dress models have long tail, using the many meters of skirt tissue responsible for adding the voluptuous effect from the waist. With this, the modelito gains in pungency and class, besides needing extra care to stay clean and not end up being stepped on.

If the bride is very short, it is recommended that you wear the long skirt with rounded profile with high heelss to make the production proportion more harmonic. Wedding shoes can be reserved for a second dress or just for the party, as they neglect a few important centimeters in these cases.

Types of necklines

Even princess style can possess a contemporary what. Depending on the neckline used in the clothes, it is perfectly possible to reread more sensual and freewith a deep V-cut, hopefully fall or shoulder to shoulder.

Now for a message of purity, more behaved and measured at the altar, the tip is to opt for canoe, illusion or round necklines. These are maxims that are also valid for party dress models. In general terms, what should be kept in mind is that dresses with necklines that provide large areas of exposed skin bring greater lightness and balance to the look, already heavy and oversized in the lower body.

Consider, however, that if your desire is to have a complete princess experience, models with the sleeves may be more appropriate in this mission. Real royalty doesn’t usually appear in public even with naked shoulders. When it does, the strangeness is such that it ends up making the headlines.

Fabrics x climate

The less structured the dress, the hotter and heavier it will be. For a more fluid look, choose light and translucent tissues. Another interesting tip is to find out how you feel inside a skirt dress with uneven length. The various layers of fabric promote an interesting and rebellious fall in strange harmony with the traditional style of the princess dress.

But watch out: before making any decision on this, it is important that you consider the climate in which it will take place the wedding. A bride who has difficulty keeping her dress during the ceremony and party is not a good idea.

Lengths and details in florals, stones and costume jewellery give the wedding dresses all the romanticism they desire, which can be reinforced or attenuated by the accessories that will complete the look. Wedding hairstyles can also help you find the right measure of drama, practicality and desired tone for the union. So play with the possibilities and allow yourself. Because, unlike royalty, there are not many protocols to be followed to be happy.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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