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50 Pastel dresses for the guests bet on subtlety
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50 Pastel dresses for the guests: bet on subtlety

In recent years pastel shades have fallen into the taste of women, especially those who are in search of a party dress for a wedding. Elegant and light, these colors can transform any look. Of course there are many factors that will influence the guests of a lingerie in the selection of the dress and other elements of the look, such as accessories and the hairstyle for a wedding, but the tone is very important.

You need to know the dress code, the style of the party and even the type of wedding decoration chosen by the bride and groom. But the pastel tones can be your new joker, much more versatile than the famous black dress, and will serve for countless occasions. If you want to wear a pastel shaded outfit, check the tips we’ve separated to make sure you don’t miss.


The time of the year when the party will be held will greatly influence the choice of the ideal modelito. If the wedding is at you’ll see, have no doubt about the pastel colors for your party dress model, you can even opt for the most striking and cheerful colours, such as lemon green and orange shades. Spring can be contemplated in shades of pastel pink, dry pink or even baby pink. But if the bride and groom will change their short love phrases and the “yes, I accept” in the colder seasons, you can opt for the more sober pastel colors, such as light gray and shades of blue.

Delicacy above all

The pastel tone by itself brings a lot of delicacy to the look, and should be combined with dress of the same characteristics. The lightweight fabrics, with models that give a lot of movement (like the drape) are the perfect combination with the soft tone. Wedding hairstyles should also follow the same line, low coke, delicate, and semi-preserved hairstyles are the best ordered for subtle looks like these.

If it’s an outdoor wedding, bet on hairstyles with braids for marriage, which have been a trend for some seasons, and will give a more romantic look to your look, ideal for the event.

Well-thought-out complements

Since the look brings a lot of subtlety, you can bet on equally light accessories to complement the look. The pastels in warm colours, redder or orange, complement each other perfectly with earrings, bracelets and golden necklaces. Colder colors, such as shades of blue, can be supplemented by silver fittings. And for guests seeking more sweetness and romanticism, combined with party styles and rustic wedding decoration, they can opt for floral elements, such as wreaths of flowers or flower appliqués in the hair to enhance the hairstyle.

Skin types

The good news is, the pastel is so versatile that it can be the perfect tone for a wide variety of skin typesand highlight the beauty of each in its uniqueness. Take into consideration all the previous tips, and if you want to be guided a little more by the tonality, we give you some tips. But don’t worry, even if your color is when it comes to skin color, be it black, brunette, white or mestizo, that tone will make you beautiful and highlight the beauty of your skin type.

  • Pink skin: make color choices that include cold pastel tones, such as blue, turquoise or pastel grey. For blondes, the coral goes very well too.
  • Yellow skin: for Asian or “yellow” skins, pastel suits that pull towards beige, peach or brown are ideal. If you want a cooler shade, you can bet on baby blue.
  • Brunette skin: it is the easiest to combine with pastel colors. Green, lilac, orange and yellow can harmonize with this tonality of skin.
  • Black skin: light tones always make black skin stand out, so choose warmer pastel colors, like orange. Frosted gold is also a great option.

With the approach of this great day, the expectation to find the ideal dress is great. Convinced by the pastel for your look and feel beautiful that day? The wedding dress is the great protagonist of the day, and all eyes will be on it when the wedding music plays marking the entrance of the bride, but not for that reason should not fail to go in search of a beautiful dress for your look.

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