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7 Accessories for the guest to shine at the wedding

When you receive the wedding invitation, then you start thinking about your look. You begin the relentless search for the perfect party dress model in every store in town. But a look isn’t just made of the dress, just as the bride needs the wedding dress, shoes and accessories, you’ll need it too. If you don’t know where to start when choosing your accessories, today we bring you the most successful among the guests. The first thing you should know is if there is any kind of dress code specified by the bride and groom, in case there isn’t one, it’s important to consider the time of the year, time and place of the wedding, besides the style of the party that will be celebrated. Often the accessories are as important as the dress and these are some of what you can wear on this occasion.

1. Clutches

When in doubt, always bet on the clutches. Why do you bet on clutches? Because the lack of handles makes it a more festive and sophisticated bagis suitable for any type of event and therefore will always be a safe bet. Besides matching well with different wedding styles, it is also a joker for your own style, matches both short party dresses and also makes the perfect complement to long party dresses. There are infinite styles within this bag model, just choose the one that has your face most and is in accordance with the event.

2. Crown of flowers

Wreaths of flowers are the trend of the moment, both for brides and guests. But beware, as you all know, the star of the party is the bride, so make sure she doesn’t use the accessory in the head and avoid the coincidence of going with similar complements. You can either go to the more romantic side, with delicate flowers to compose the crown, or even give a more Brazilian touch, with flowers and tropical plants in a very original way.

3. Belts

We often find the dress that looks perfect for the occasion, but we still have the feeling that something is missing to be exactly the way you want it. Belts can do this role of complementing a model and give even more charm to the silhouette. But you need to know how to use it, remember that it will mark and call attention to the waist, so it’s important to decide first if you want to highlight that part of the body. Try on the dress with this accessory before you decide to incorporate it into your look.

2. Diadema

A hair accessory nowadays becomes an indispensable element to compose a perfect guest look. The diadems are among the most popular and designers reinvent this classic accessory in modern complements. They finish and make the stuck wedding hairstyles shine even brighter, as it will draw attention to this highly worked ornament or even to give more detail to the simple wedding hairstyle.

5. Boleros, shawls or jackets

O perfect finishing touch for colder season looksare charming and sexy. For weddings in autumn and winter they make more sophisticated and elegant styles shine in a delicate way. The secret is to know how to combine their tone with the color of the dress and other elements, always betting on “less is more”. Boleros and the finest jackets also return to the trends of the season and can be a great accessory to warm up in these milder temperatures.

6. Jewelry

The guests of a wedding may allow themselves more extravagant jewelry, different from many brides who seek a softer look. So you can bet on big pieces of silver, gold or stoneware necklaces. But if you prefer more neutral elements, opt for smaller and more discreet jewellery, always matching with wedding hairstyles, so that they do not go unnoticed.

7. Shoes

It may seem less important, but in fact the shoes tell everything about you, from your style and some say even personality. No matter if they are smooth, printed, colored, open or closed, knowing how to combine them with your dress will guarantee a perfect and harmonious look that will cause the impact you seek. It is a key piece and should be one of the accessories chosen in conjunction with the dress, since it will dictate and very much the final look. Consider the season and the place where the party will take place to know the type of jump and whether it should be open or closed, with stronger or lighter colors.

Yes, party dresses will still be the main piece for the perfect look, but still, to make you shine it’s important to combine it perfectly with the right accessories. Ready for the big day and enjoy with the bride and groom until the last wedding song that will play on the dance floor?

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