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55 Dresses with asymmetric neckline fall in love with this
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55 Dresses with asymmetric neckline: fall in love with this trend

When actress Renée Zellweger took the stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to receive one of the biggest awards of the Oscar night 2020 for her performance in JudyIn addition to the explicit emotion in his face, another element also shone: his white dress, from Armani Privé, straight and with that which has emerged as one of the trends since year, the asymmetric neckline. Although the universe of nuptial fashion has a well marked traditional line, designers increasingly invest in more daring models. Everything that has this more daring pinch is different, and draws attention, as is the case of models that have necklines that are not symmetrical. In the so-called asymmetric necklines the shapes and sides are unequal, but it is still a harmonious set, especially when it matches the bride’s personality and the environment where she celebrates the union, in harmony with the style of the wedding decoration.

In the 1950s, women started wearing square necklines, then came the trend of the V-neck, until what is now defined as “asymmetric”. The best known cut is the so-called “limp mule”, in which one arm is covered by the sleeve and the other is notBut there are many variations of style, which have also reached the nuptial fashion. As the dress is usually one of the most important items in a bond, the bride says the first official “yes” to “him”, right? So know this cleavage well to know if that will be your election.

Variety of cuts

As you can see in the photo gallery we have prepared, there are various asymmetric styles that mix with other types of necklineslike heart, shoulder to shoulder, illusion. From mermaid dresses with one arm covered, with transparency, to models with straight silhouette, harmonized with one strap.

The models are very sexy, they play at hiding and showing their arms, lap, neck and shoulders, but there are also princess wedding dresses, more traditional and elegant, with asymmetrical neckline, with the classic wide and armed skirt. And in that case, the contrast of that contemporary décolleté with a classic silhouette can be quite interesting.


As we can see in the models presented by Jolies, St. Patrick La Sposa, Alma Novia and other brands, the applications of flowers, frills, fringes and feathers give more personality the asymmetrical, making him more daring, and those elements. Some models mix two types of handles (on the shoulder with the other fallen on the other arm), a more sophisticated type of asymmetric, which can be used in formal marriages, where the bride wants to leave the conventional.

Silhouettes and styles

Brides fashionistas and with a more modern style they usually appreciate a more sensual neckline and, if this is your case, you can identify with this asymmetrical style, since there are also several possibilities of re-reading the traditional “limp mule”. All women can resort to this type of décolletage, but it is necessary to have attention to the shape, so that it matches your body the most, taking into consideration the shoulders and breasts.

The asymmetrical dresses, with necklines reminiscent of the shoulder to shoulder and Greek neckline, are ideal for women who have more bust. It is good to be attentive to these details when choosing the dress to highlight in your body what you want. The most important thing is for the bride to feel comfortable on C day with a dress that has to do with her own style, within the proposals.

Bold colors

As you can see in the models displayed in the gallery, some dare in color to escape the most typical shade for brides. Nowadays the workshops specialized in bridal fashion know that there are always exceptions to the rules, and brides looking for dresses that are not white have multiplied. Therefore, designers have invested in the production of red wedding dresses, as well as light blue, black and with touches of pink. There are also the lighter ones, with pearl, champagne and beige tones.

The hairdo that harmonizes

As the asymmetric trend, which offers various styling options, hairstyles may also vary, depending on the yarns and the bride’s taste. It is possible to invest in a variety of hairstyles, from those stuck to wedding ponytails or the stuck on the side that’s uncovered by the dress, causing an interesting counterpointeven the loose ones. Short-haired brides may be surprised to choose a dress with a different neckline, because the lap stands out and the free neck lets the dress shine, just like the protagonist!

Walking down the aisle with a wedding dress that really translates your style will make all the difference to your day. Get inspired by the gallery and see if an asymmetrical neckline can be harmonized with your entire ceremony.

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