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60 looks for those who dont dispense with black
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60 looks for those who don’t dispense with black

Basic of the basics, the black tone is essential in all cabinets. And when it’s an event like a bond that, however stripped down, requires more attention in the choice of party dress or costumes, this color can be the salvation of the guests. It is true that there is a certain polemic in associating black to weddings, and there are some rules on the subject, but it is not prohibited (unless it is an imposition of the couple), and it can be worked so that the ensemble becomes elegant and the guest overflows with charm.

If you have received a wedding invitation, you are a black lover, and still don’t know what to wear for the occasion, we present you a complete gallery with the latest seasons of brands recognized around the world.

In black, but always light

Black can carry sobriety, it is undeniable, but with the right fabric and perfect cut and adapted to each woman’s body type, the dresses can become light. For winter weddings, a wise decision is to invest in long sleeves, and you can bet on transparent, puffy and looser stylesas presented by Pronovias, Charo Ruiz and Gemy Maalouf in the 2019/2020 collections.

For weddings that take place in warmer seasons it is also possible to wear a dark dress, in which case the important thing is to count on fresh fabrics and transparencies, as well as sleeveless models, with necklines that let the “skin breathe”, such as shoulder to shoulder, neckline canoe or dumbbell. In these cases it is also possible to combine a fitted bodice with a more steamy and fresh skirt, in tulle, silk or lace.

Short or long?

The length of the dress should always be in harmony with the space and style requested by the bride and groom. To opt for a short party dress, for example, you have to make sure that there is no requirement for a gala dress, and that the invitation does not specify “full ride”. In afternoon-links or in a more informal place, such as a seaside restaurant, a beautiful place or a space in the countryside, it is possible to use short or midi models.

For parties that take place during the night, especially if they look more traditional, the most advisable is to opt for a long black party dress, and if the weather asks for something lighter, the heat, the alternative are dressed with slits, with fluid corsets – as in the envelope model dress – or opt for more refreshing necklines, such as the tomara that falls, in party dresses with princess silhouette or mermaid.

Important care

Black is not a basic and fundamental part of every wardrobe, but when it comes to a wedding, the colour of the model of the party dress should be considered with caution. For guests who have some function in the liaison, either as godmother or maid of honor, or if you have to climb the altar at some point, black is not recommended.

It is a funeral shade and, by tradition, on C day the altar should be full of lighter or happier colours. And if you have a direct relationship with the bride and groom, as mother and sister, the most appropriate is to choose other shades for the day. A exception occurs when the bride and groom themselves choose color as part of their visual identityand ask their godmothers, for example, to wear black.

When being invited to a wedding, the first reaction is the extreme joy of being able to witness friends saying “yes”, being able to be moved by the short sentences of love spoken during the vows and, of course, having fun at the time of the launch of the bouquet of flowers. But to be part of that moment, one must also think of their look, as a way of honoring the couple by investing in a model that is equal to the party.

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