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Wedding dresses Adore by Justin Alexander meet the 2021 collection
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Wedding dresses Adore by Justin Alexander: meet the 2021 collection

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With an undeniable reputation since its foundation (1946), the company specializing in wedding fashion Justin Alexander presents the 2021 collection of wedding dresses by Adore by Justin Alexander, one of the brands under the umbrella of the company, based on the woman who wants to look chic on the big day without having to spend a lot. The selection thought for next year bets on light models of modern and comfortable cut, with charming details. All to make the choice more uncomplicated and leave any possible indecision only for the election of the wedding hairstyle!

Brief history of the company

Of humble origin, the designer who gives the company its name became a darling of the brides of the middle and upper classes as soon as he entered the market, more than 70 years ago, for seeing fashion as a form of expression. Thus, he was able to exalt the confidence, beauty and femininity of his customers, a maxim that persists until today. That’s why, each design ends up having a certain vintage inspiration beautifully combined with modern trends.

Within the Justin Alexander brand Adore is the division responsible for owning more affordable yet incredibly stylish clothes. After all, uncomplicated is your password. In this collection, three basic concepts were worked on in the conception of the models: bare back, lightness and almost casual glamour.

Naked back

With their backs open to lace necklines in an illusionary décolleté, there are several models of wedding dresses from the studio that bring a sense of freshness to the bride. Thin handles, deep crevices, lace and transparency are used to capture the gaze to the bride’s upper half and print a dose of sensuality on the looks. The skin, in contrast to the effect of crepe, cotton and chiffon, is eventually framed and helps to highlight the female shapes on the contour to the waist.

Light as a feather

Contrary to the old-fashioned notion that to be beautiful you have to be stuck in a big, heavy suit, Adore brings proof that such discomfort is not necessary. Airy designs, with little or no tail, which use materials such as English lace, whipped cream lace, tulle and chiffon on skirts, with or without pleated effect, add fluidity to the walk and parade to the altar. And to imagine that most women don’t even imagine that a cheap wedding dress is able to give the feeling of walking on clouds.

Simply beautiful

Embracing femininity is what the brand knows best about its short, long or midi wedding dresses. The appreciation of the silhouette, with due attention to detail, in itself already guarantees sophistication to the woman, thanks to the perfect fit to the body. That was not enough, lace applications and beads build designs that reinforce the romantic tone of the occasion.

Adore by Justin Alexander’s new collection of wedding dresses once again demonstrates that to be stunning on the big day you must first let your own personality emerge within an outfit that suits you. After all, in the eyes of those who have received the wedding invitations and the bride’s date, there is nothing to overcome the light and beauty that emanates from the couple’s genuine happiness. Let yourself fall in love with one of the brand’s models and become glamorous without compromising your budget.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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