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60 models for all bridal styles

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Distressed because you haven’t made up your mind about the wedding shoe? We’ll help you end the dilemma. Introducing colour to the look through the shoes is a clever way to demonstrate your personality without hurting tradition, which proclaims the use of white or tones close to it to accompany wedding dresses. It is known that each colour is capable of expressing a state of mind, and yellow is one of the happiest colours to be reported. It represents light, optimism, energy, creativity and happiness. If your desire is to give a moving look with a dose of inventive enthusiasm, color is undoubtedly a path.

Combined with the most different types of shoe models, from the classic to the most different, yellow can have its intention and provocative effect exaggerated or attenuated, according to who will wear it. In any case, it is it is important to know in which contexts and which combinations are most recommended. That’s what we’ll talk about in this article.

Sol amigo

Yellow is a solar color. No wonder the star itself is portrayed from it. Soon, Weddings held in the morning or afternoon are the most suitable for of the heat emanating from the coloring, especially if done in the open sky, on a day with few clouds. At night, it may end up passing in white (no puns).

Spring and summer

Speaking of heat, the eStations with higher temperatures have a better acceptance to the proposal of tone. The flowering contributed to the joyful and uncompromising effervescence of yellow, as well as the natural light itself. On the beach or in the countryside, it contributes to the youthful and light air of the whole celebration.

Related flowers

Invest in flowers for marriage with colors from the same palette or complementary to the tone can also be a wise decision to make everything more harmonious and attractive.

  • O sunflower yellow and alamandas will make clear the care in giving the whole decoration the solar aspect;
  • On the other hand, lavenders, hydrangeas and petunias, as well as other blue or purple colored species, will give a beautiful contrast the walk to the altar, as a background that intensifies the choice for footwear

Glamorous bouquet

This same logic of harmony applies to the tone of the bouquet, which can be yellow, combined with gold fittings, is a visual unit for joyor in shades of blue and lilac, which also work perfectly.

Sandals are welcome

For all that has been exposed, it is possible to say that yellow has a footprint that matches the notion of freshness. Therefore, footwear models that let the feet breathe, like sandals, are very consistent with the idea. Let them be of jumping or creeping, they work extremely well for the cheerful and relaxed bride, especially if the “yes” is outdoors.

But beware: if you are one of those women who loves a jump, even if it is small, check if it is practical on the ground where the ceremony will take place. Your stability and safety should be the priority at this time, not least because you will be in the spotlight more than ever. For the “yes” to be said in the sand, search the barefoot sandals.

Classic shoes and shoes

The lightness of the yellow also goes very well with the closed shoes, because it breaks a little the formality of these models, keeping the elegant air that many brides seek. Colorful bridal shoes seem to escape the traditional, but there are alternatives for classic lovers who don’t want to give up a more personalized touch when it comes to setting up the look.

The combination yellow + white results in a pure and romantic compositionwhich explains why shoes in that tone for brides are so researched by those who are about to get married. It helps to demonstrate the euphoria and relaxation present in the essence of the festivities while reinforcing the commitment to the seriousness of the occasion.

For hipster or modern style

Yellow becomes newest and coolest when combined with more sober colorsand the grey in this case is the perfect match to generate an authentic composition without losing the air bohemian. For followers of style hipster, we suggest choosing a vintage shoe model that gains more originality with the color of the sunflower.

If you’re looking for a more modern and glamorous look, gold can be the perfect shade, as it brings brilliance to any production. Just be careful when assembling the composition to don’t overload the look – At this moment the law of balance is essential: if the shoe is a more worked out item, choose a simple wedding dress, and vice versa.

Yellow has a unique clamor and works as a kind of silent vote for happier, more stimulating and interesting days. That’s why choosing it for bridal shoes may be the differential that was missing in the final result with the veil and the garland. Not to mention that it can collaborate in a charming way with the wedding decoration.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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