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Dovita Bridal Wedding Dresses meet the 2021 collection
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Dovita Bridal Wedding Dresses: meet the 2021 collection

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You don’t have to be a member of royalty to dress like a true princess, queen or heir in the line of succession. This is the maxim of the Turkish brand Dovita Bridal, reaffirmed with the launch of the 2021 Paloma Collection of Wedding Dresses. The company’s models, manufactured entirely in Istanbul, are hand-made and draw inspiration from traditional haute couture designs.

With this, since 2009, the year of its foundation, the brand impresses the world with its refined silhouettes and aesthetics that seem to have come out of fairy tales and inspire classic wedding hairstyles to accompany. All the charm of the company is shared year by year in bridal fashion shows around the world, and thanks to this projection, Dovita Bridal is currently present in over 70 countries, where it already has a legion of admirers.

The Collection

If one word had to be chosen to define the Paloma Collection it would be greatness. Voluminous skirts in sparkling princess wedding dresses lead us into an era and reality filled with luxury, refinement and exuberance. The finely stitched crystals to the fabrics add extra layer of ostentation to the meters of lace, crepe and other materials that structure each of the models.

Reliving golden times

Much of the collection uses the textured whipped cream lace and handmade embroidery to bring clothes to life that go back to the golden age of royal families in the world. They are, therefore, true jewels to have in the closet that do not carry materials and precious stones in their composition. It is impossible not to feel a member of the nobility with one of these adorning the body.

Classic design

The wedding dress models in this collection follow a classic modeling. The greatest daring of the brand perhaps lies precisely in the fact that it takes on the taste and predilection for designs already acclaimed and worshipped over the centuries.

The square necklines, canoe, shoulder to shoulder and hopefully fall decorate your lap just right for a romantic and feminine proposal. With or without sleeves, the suits are all long and have extensive tails that come from a well marked and structured waist.

Pearly appearance

You don’t just make a bride in white and Dorita Bridal knows it. So, dresses aren’t limited to shade. Champagne and off-white are some of the colours that make dresses look pearly. Beads and other details corroborate such a vintage footprint interpretation, which so well matches wedding stuck hairstyles.

Guaranteed longevity

If the bride is very attached to family and traditions, the clothes of the brand have a good chance to be that kind of piece that goes from generation to generation. So, if it’s part of your dreams that your daughter and granddaughter wear the same dress to change alliances, this is another strong argument to choose one of the models.

You doubt it? Just look at the past to realize that certain silhouettes never go out of fashion and have the same impact over the decades, suffering little and little adaptation.

Faced with the emergence of new visions about fashion, it is natural that the wedding dresses are modified to meet a new type of woman, with new needs and tastes. This does not mean that some perceptions succumb to time, especially with regard to the desire to feel like a princess on the big day. So do not be afraid to make the celebration as grand as you always wanted it to be, from dress to wedding decoration.

Looking for a look that makes you feel special? 👰

We help you find it in our catalog

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